Friday, August 28, 2009

Kaozz'z MMO Holiday and Event List!

Special events in games can be exciting. I'm a real sucker for any in game event! I play so many games that I am always interested in what holiday events, or events in general, are out there. I've compiled my event lists into one here, with links. As time goes by, I will try to edit and add as more pop up.

Why add a special section for events? Why not!? Who doesn't love events!? For years I looked around for something similar to this, so I thought I would go ahead and do it myself. If you know of something I missed please feel free to email me or post a comment. I will be sure to add it.

June - August Summer Events

May Events

April Events and April Fools

March Events

February Events

December and January Events

November Events

October Events

Everquest 2 Event Calendar

Everquest2 Monthly Event Calendar

World of Warcraft Event Calendar

Happy Holidays- Wherever they may be!

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