Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Events (MMO)

It's March already and there are a few (The list keeps growing as the month moves along!) neat in-game events I thought I would add to my game event list. So get our your best St. Patty's gear and check them out!

Fallen Earth- Shamrock Shindig
Post-apocalyptic Leprechauns, Pub Crawls and more. Check it out here!

Everquest 2- Brew Day
Have a brew in Antonica and check out the holiday events. While it's not listed yet on the official website, you can find details here at ZAM. Edit- You can find the official details here now!

Darkfall- I love Darkfall Contest
Not so much an event as a contest. Worth mention as you could win $5000! Check it out here.

WoW- Lunar Festival
Lunar festival is still out for a few more days. It ends on the 7th of this month. More information here.

Trickster Online- McFeegle’s Gold 
Special event items to be had. Perhaps you'll find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Check out more information here.

Everquest- 11th Anniversary
Celebrate the 11 year anniversary with Everquest! New and old events are about in Norrath! You can find out more on the official site here and the Zam anniversary list.There are quests, raids and xp potions for all, a very fun time of the year. Along with the yearly fabled mobs rewarding special fabled loot!

Runes  of Magic- 1 Year Anniversary
Celebrate the first Anniversary with RoM in game. Check here for more details! Gifts, double xp and more, looks like a really great celebrations! Very exciting for RoM, it's such a great FTP game!

Ether Saga- 1 Year Anniversary
It really is a month for Anniversary Events! Check out what Ether Saga has in store for their first anniversary- here. Such a cute game, I'm glad to see this one doing well!

LoTRO- Spring Festival
New Events this year and games. Looks like a whole lot of fun in Middle Earth! You can find out more here.  Keep an eye out for the Anniversary celebration, it's just around the corner.
I'll keep an eye out for Leprechauns and more events! 



  1. You need to come and write my posts lol you always have a good topic! lol. Where did you get that pic its wonderful!!

  2. Hehe. I found it on Deviant Art. Tons of cool stuff there.




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