Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Events

I've been a little lazy this month but as always I wanted to list some events going on this month.

Everquest 2
City Festival: Freeport May 1-7- Lots of house items, gorgeous black marble! Check out EQ2 Traders Corner for some info on this event.

Halas Prelude Event: This event is a tricky one to catch! You'll have to have your eyes peeled to catch when an adventurer seeks (SOE Staff hands this quest out randomly so keep an eye out in 1-9 chat) some assistance. There is a quest handed out with rewards, a lovely flower and book. EQ2 Wire has info on the prelude event and the free pet plus other goodies on the upcoming Halas- that will be available May 25-28.

Halas is live!

Rebuilding the Rings: This event will span over many different locations, currently it is in Nec forest. There are some really scrumptious items for the taking from these events! Check out this months event over at EQ2 Wire and on EQ2 Players. Also until the 28th- Don't forget to get the cutie Halas Frostpaw Kitten!

World of Warcraft
Children's Week: May 2-8 It's children's week, don't miss your chance to get a cute little pet. Depending on your level there are three quest chains available for different events.

Party in Middle Earth Anniversary Celebration: As far as the website goes it appears to be a long party from April 26 - June 30. Plenty of time to party! Yet another Welcome Back Week is upon us soon! May 10- 17.Update- Until May 31st there is another welcome back week, full of festivities.

Lottery! While not an event it's worth mentioning. If you win it may as well make you just as happy! Check out the official forums for more info. 

Anniversary Events: It seems there is still some celebrating going on until May 31st. Check out the official site for more information. 

Free Realms
Pink and Purple Party: May 6 & 7 Check the website for times. Show up wearing pink or purple to party!

Guild Wars
War in Kryta: This event is requires certain content to be completed but adds some extra fun to be had. My newbie characters were sort of sad to hear this! There are also costumes available for the event through the cash shop. Check out the official site here.

I'll keep an eye out for anything else worth mentioning. Have fun!

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