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Fun Events in October... MMO Halloween Event List!

Massively's huge Halloween list here. Since I am being lazy this year ;) A few good ones I recommend below:

Nights of The Dead. TONS of fun stuff to do. Lots of crafting and quest items for house and appearance. New quests added this year as well as the old. Lots of stuff to keep you busy until the event is over!

Free Realms
Spooktacular  Pretty much the same this year, added in some really neat cash shop items though.

 Hallows End This event has been revamped and is probably one of the most fun  I've had in any MMO holiday.

Eh, not sure when this one goes live but my guess is within the week. My first holiday event in an MMO, always fun stuff to do. Here is a link covering the past events which I am sure will return this year. Edit- The Haunting of Norrath has been implemented this year, check out the details here.

This year I'd rate the top fun being WoW, EQ2 and FR. My personal favorites. LoTRO  I haven't had a chance to participate in, this year, but it has always been a spectacular event as well!

Have a happy Halloween, in-game and out!

(2010) This year I'll just be adding a few on top of the list to keep the calendar going, as long as my lazy bones feel up to it! Lots more fun events to list! I'll update it a I can, most of the events from last year will be here again, in most games! Just wanted to get it rolling and add some of the events live already.

Guild Wars
Halloween Celebration
Some fun things to do in Guild Wars and some really snazzy costumes... /drool.

The Haunting of Norrath
Lots to do this year. There is even a list of things to do. I like seeing this posted up, that way I won't miss anything! Happy Halloween Norrath <3 

World Of Warcraft
Hallow's End
Same fun and games. This is one I am sorry to miss, kill the Horeseman a few times for me!

Velious Prelude Event
Be sure to catch the Velious quest while it's here. Unique rewards you'll be glad you got. The NoTD has been updated with many new rewards and trades. One of the best MMO holiday events where everyone can take part in. Get lost in the hedge maze, kill some vampires or stock up on goodies for your house!

Fall Festival
Massively's Guide
Check out the creepy Haunted Burrow, this year. It's great fun with many quests and lots of cool rewards. Plenty of fun events to keep you busy, many daily quests- If that's your thing.

Free Realms
Lots of things to do, be sure to log in daily and do your quests. There are also plenty of events listed on the calender this year. Cool costumes, lots of candy and rewards. 

Galactic Moon Festival
This event just makes me want to log in and have a go (Yay for my Station Pass). Plenty of fun things to do. Nifty clothing items and house items. I'm really lovin' the idea of a SWG Halloween!

Fall Fear Festival
This new game already has events out for Halloween which is very exciting! Mashing pumpkins, trick-or-treating... Sounds like fun!

Endless Night Festival
Creepy mobs to kill, a dragon to slay, sounds like fun. Make sure you're checking in on the forums for when to be on for these events.

Looking for more?
For those that I missed Massively.com has  a great list!

(2009) No matter which MMORPG you play it seems just about all of them offer really fun things to do in October. It's always this month that I wish I was playing this or that game. So many fun things to do for Halloween in so many games!

It's always nice to have something different to do. In-game events are always a special time indeed. Here's a few games that have caught my eye with some really cool things to do this Halloween Season! I will include official links for each event listed. I'm sure I may miss many other good games, these are just a few I've kept tabs on this year.

World of Warcraft:
Hallows End. Oct 18th-Nov 1st. This is one of my favorite events in any game. It offers daily quest, an instance boss just for this event, achievement with title. Just tons of other cool little things such pumpkin pets, jack-o-lantern hats and holiday mounts.

Everquest 2:
Nights of the Dead. Haunted house in Qeynos and Freeport. How cool is that? New holiday collection. New Headless Horseman in Nektulos Forest. Purchasable costume illusions. Upon many more fun things to do.

Currently they have not listed the in-game events yet, you can find them here when they do. This game always has a lot of fun things to do. Random zombies which drop event loot, raids for the holiday, costumes and candy! This has always been another favorite event of mine. S.O.E. also has many holiday challenges at the provided link with some chances at some cool stuff! Update: Zatozia says this event will begin October 24th!  Update* You can find "The Haunting in Norrath" in game now, more information can be found here.

Runes of Magic:
Halloween Celebration in Taborea! They went all out on the website with some cute decorations! For in-game events they have listed; "We have planned small, in-game events such as 'Hide-n-Seek', 'Your Scary Costume', and 'Offer to the Goblin King' (on Tuesday & Friday) and big, weekly community events, so check back often for updates." So be sure not to miss out on those which I'm sure will be much fun!

Free Reams: 
First Annual Super Spooktacular. October 14 through November 11.Trick or Treating, decorations, costumes, new battle instance and the Halloween wheel! Sounds like fun! You can keep tabs on in-game events checking in here. Very exciting for FR players! Also check the ZAM wiki and here is a list of things to do from the FR forums.

Guild Wars: 
Horrorween! This event was always a really fun one. The official site links here for more information and a contest. It has event times listed which is really cool. Lots of cool items and Halloween fun all around and chances to win cool items in-game. So be sure to pop in if your a GW fan!

 Play Halloween for free if you've been gone! During The Lord of the Rings Online™ Welcome Back Week from October 15th through October 21st, you can play your old characters for free and get a +25% XP Bonus. Pretty cool and I thought worth noting. However all I seem to find for this season so far is the pumpkin carving contest, and one lucky winner will win one million copper (10g).

Champions Online:
Bloodmoon! New Power Set: Celestial! Players will have the chance to join the Wolf Hunters and rid the land of the abominable Werewolves. However, falling to one of the beasts will force you to rise under the curse and become one yourself. Zombie Apocalypse- A brand new PvP map. Chances to unlock some event-exclusive perks! Very cool ones indeed. Also special action figure toys as rewards. A very nice holiday event indeed!

Maple Story:
  Haunted House 2. It seems new rooms added to the Halloween mansion this year. New monsters! Check the link for the preview.

Wizard 101:
Hallowe'en has arrived in the Spiral! Rescue Wizard City from a ghastly spell by defeating the Baron Mordecai. Search out Jack O'lanterns throughout Wizard City. Dunk for apples to collect prizes. I just might have to revisit this game just for this event.

Warhammer Online:
Daemon Moon Rising! Players can also don their masks and participate in "Wake the Dead", a special running of the High Pass Cemetery RvR scenario available to characters of all tiers during the Daemon Moon Rising live event. Looks like a lot of fun things to do, check the site out to see what is in store.

Legends of Norrath: 
 Zombies Are on the March in a New Legends of Norrath® Scenario! Help the Halflings of Rivervale avoid becoming light snacks for a horde of zombies in Legends of Norrath! The Brraaaaaainss! scenario will be offered in Legends of Norrath through Wednesday, November 11, 2009, at 2 p.m. PT. The first time you win the scenario, you'll win the Zombie's Guide to Procreation (8P2) promo card AND either the Unscribed Glyph (8EQP4) loot card for EverQuest® or the Draught of the Brilliant (8EQIIP4) loot card for EverQuest® II, depending on your in-game settings. You can receive additional copies of the Zombie's Guide to Procreation promo card each time you defeat the scenario with a different avatar archetype (limit 4 per account).

Aeria Games is proud to announce the Halloween event is in DoMO. Be sure to come back to DoMO and check out the Halloween Event! Halloween Event additions are 4 New NPCs, New Daily Halloween Quests, Decorations in Eversun, New Costumes and more!

(O-M-G I am so excited about this one!) Harvest Revel October 25 to October 31. "Asmodians find soothing peace during the dark days of the Harvest Revel. They celebrate by racing after the Wild Kurthanir hunt leader during the Wild Hunt and cooking special traditional dishes. Elyos endure the dark days because during them the dead of Elysea are restless. Undead creatures rise from the grave every few hours, pulled back into a semblance of life by the power of the eclipse. Elyos must join roving Dark Night bands to hunt and destroy the undead before they invade Elyos villages. Log in each day during Harvest Revel. Celebrate with us and every day rewards your investment with new Aion lore and tasty treats!" That is what the official site has listed, I can't wait for this to begin!

Fallen Earth:
Days of the Dead starts October 23. It seems in Fallen Earth you get to kill Infected Zombies. Awesome! Even those in the 15 day trial can participate too. If you are interested in the holiday event or how to get into the trial you can find info here!

Star Wars Galaxies: 
The Galactic Moon Festival!October 20th to November 17th. Jabba the Hutt is throwing the annual Galactic Moon Festival to celebrate the happy haunts of the season. Jabba has grown tired of all the sappy love festivals and celebrations of life, so he has taken it upon himself to throw the scariest festival of the year! Join in the 'ghoulest' happening this year by visiting the Galactic Moon Festival Organizers found outside of the Moenia and Mos Eisley starports (waypoints 4790 -4777 and 3523 -4806 respectively). Costumes have been specially chosen by Jabba himself for this great occasion. If you're in a trick or treating mood, obtain a costume from the Galactic Moon Festival Organizer and approach any poor unfortunate souls hanging around Mos Eisley and Moenia. Say 'Trick or treat!' and watch what happens! If your costume is scary enough, citizens will give Jabba coins that can be used to purchase special Galactic Moon Festival items that the organizer has to offer.

Age of Conan: 
Nights of Lost Souls! Experience the Nights of Lost Souls – an exciting new seasonal in-game event. Challenge yourself with new quests found throughout Hyboria, and reap exciting new rewards!

Lineage 2:
Spooks & Scarecrows! Goblins, Ghosts, Ghouls, and Gamers!Halloween is just around the corner and Lineage II has some special treats in store for you! On Tuesday October 20th, 2009, all players over level 20 can visit their warehouse where they will find one Scarecrow Jack Transformation Stick and 5 Revita Pops!

Cavern of Chaos!The event runs from October 28th to November 4th.Check out the site for Halloween hints.

Halloween Event! I think everyone enjoyed the +50% bonus credit week recently so we'll be doing that again PLUS free orange and black paint for everyone! The event will begin on Wednesday, October 28th after normal maintenance and run until the following Wednesday, November 4. So join NCNyx in game October 28 - November 4 to enjoy some free paint and some bonus credits!

Silkroad Online:
Silkroad Halloween Event. Warnings! Warnings!, Silkroad ghosts have appeared. Who are you going to call? Silkroad Ghost Busters are here. As a treat, five different kinds of bombs can be earned. Collect Halloween candies.

Have a great time Ghouls and Boils!

(Keep checking in as I am making additions all month.)


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