Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June- July- August Summer MMO Events

Update- Some 2012 events listed here!

I'm a little late getting this published (moving slowed me down) but I wanted to finish the rest of the year off for the MMO calendar, so this page will list all the summer events I find along the way! June-Aug (summer) events. Some of these events have already happened but I will leave them up for reference.

Everquest 2
New Halas City Festival- June 1-7.
The city festival comes to Halas! Fantastic new house items and some of the old favorites are here in Halas. The quests are the usual but the quest giver is set a little a ways from the camp. 

Moonlight Enchantments Midnight on the 20th of each month.
Check out this link for more information about the event.

Celestial Nights
Celestial Nights is back this year. Read more about the event here.

World of Warcraft
Mid Summer Fire Festival June 21- July 4.
Check the official link here for more information. Is it me or does it seem earlier this year? Ah time must be getting away from me. More of the same fun, money to be gotten, plenty of fun items. Will the make any additions this year? I wouldn't doubt it, if I see anything new I will be sure to link it here.

Free Realms
Summer Camp Ends July 7.
Summer Camp is here, bigfoot sightings, plenty of adventures to be had. The perfect place to spend some summer time while chillin in the AC at home! Check out more info here!

The in-game events are expected to happen every Tuesday at 9am and 4pm PST, Thursdays at 3pm PST and Friday mornings at 9am PST. You can check the in-game event guide to teleport right to the party! TCG Events are expected to be held every day.

Summer Festival June 29- July6
Once a year, the Free Peoples of Middle-earth gather to celebrate Summer with horse races, fishing, dancing, and many other summer-themed activities! Check out the official site here

Keep checking back as I will make sure to make any additions I see.


  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2010

    Hey yo have another banner, I like it.

    Re: WoW
    Ahh the midsummer festival, I remember spinning around that pole. I think that happened during the festival. No, that won't bring me back to playing WoW. I'm still enjoying my break from games, lol.

  2. Thanks, yeah I like this one more than the last few hehe.

    I was thinking of doing the festival event but my character has been sitting there stripped of gear for over a week. I don't know if I will be playing anytime soon :(

    Oh wait she is wearing her festival gear... lol.




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