Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools and Events (MMO)

So April Fools day has had a few fun things about today in the MMO world. If you hadn't guessed, the site linked in my last post was just a spoof site I made for today. I suppose if you didn't read it, you didn't get it ;)  There have been a few bloggers posting April Fools jokes, which I just love! I especially love it when game companies join in on this as well.

Blizzard had a Battlenet Matchmaking Service, Neural Interface, and Equipment Ranking System listed on the website. Also the WoW armory has some very funny models showing up, it also says I ninjaed and cheesed several items, ha! I get such a kick out of pranks on this day!

Everquest has New Technology Brings New Character Models. This was a prank they used a few years back, players actually loved it, I'm glad to see it around this year as I missed it the first time around. I'll have to make sure to log in at some point today!

Allods Online joins in on the fun with the listing of a New Race: Space Marine! Which looks like John Travolta heh. If you've seen 'With Love From Paris, (I actually saw this recently) you'll get it.

RuneScape claims they have a Theme Park opening in the UK

Lineage2 has has some increased drop rates on vesper weapons by 'accident'!

I'm sure I missed a few, I was hunting around to see what funny things I could find today! Let me know if I missed something truly funny, I am always up for a good laugh.


So anyhow, for each month I like to post events happening. I will add more to the list as I see events popping up. On with the Spring Events...

Everquest2- Bristlebane Day
April first special Events are happening TODAY only. The whole event will last from March 30- April 12. Many quests to take part in, and items to craft! Also the City Festival is here, in Qeynos! It will last until the 7th of April.

Maple Story- Everyday Evan Event
Evan found a dragon egg chasing after a piglet. He took care of that egg every day and night until it finally hatched. The rest, as they say, is Maple history. Find out more about the events here!

LoTRO- Spring Festival
Many special events in Middle Earth, as well as a welcome back event. All accounts will be opened for this limited time. Check out the event information here. The welcome back information can also be found here.

SWG- Dr. Fool is Back!
If you missed this last year then make sure not to miss it again! Galaxy-renowned toymaker, Dr. Fool, has lost control of his latest inventions. If the current malfunctions continue at the existing rate, we expect containment to be lost at 12AM PDT, April 1st. Find out more here

Guild Wars-  Easter Weekend Event
This is a weekend event, only happening this weekend! For more information check here. It looks like an all around fun event.

WoW- Noble Garden
Easter in Azeroth. A snazzy title, outfits and events are about in Azeroth. I think this is one of my favorite events in WoW. You can find more information listed here. The Event last from April 4- 10.

DDO- Spring into the Traveler's Scavenger Hunt! 
With the help of a special festival wanderer, you can be given the power to see what was hidden by the Traveler! By finding the decorative eggs placed around the Marketplace, you can win prizes! The more eggs you can find, the more you win! Find out more here.
Runes of Magic- Get Back Here, Bunny Wabbit!
Runes of Magic has a Easter event and many things happening for this event. Check out the link here.

I'm sure more events will pop up, I'll add them as I can!


  1. Glad April fools day is gone lol...

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