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Adding in a guide section to the blog, as it grows it will be easier for readers to click the sidebar button to access them. 

Current Guides: Check it out if you want a WoW leveling addon or guide.

Vanguard Saga of Heroes- Mostly starter or returning player tips. I'm working on this as I go through the game. I've added a ton of links for places to visit, quests, armor and tradeskills. Check back in from time to time as it is growing!

EverQuestI tailored this guide for the returning and new player when the F2P conversion hit, trying to help players get a footing and some direction in this older title. Lots of links and information for those feeling lost or just wanting some basic tips on the game. Lots of links!

EverQuest 2- This is my oldest guide and needs the most updating. It still has a massive amount of information and links for those just wanting some basic information about the game. I hope to get around to updating it since the game is now F2P.

Guild Wars 2- Halloween Quick Guide- Some impressions and handy links for the event (Shadow of The Mad King).

Stormfall: Age of War Walkthrough

I really enjoy writing guides for my favorite games, helping players, and I find that older titles seem to require the most information to get a feel for. I'll be adding to the list in the future.



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