Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Neverwinter & Birthday Cake


I've been enjoying my stay in Neverwinter. The game is pretty laid back, questing is very simple and enjoyable and there always seems plenty to do. Currently I'm sitting at level 40. I look forward to hitting 60 in the future. The Scourge Warlock class has been fun but I think waiting until level 51 for the option of a permanent pet is a bit rough. I wish it was a bit lower, as the pet is very much a part of the class. Until you spec into it (level 51 or so) the pet lasts for a short period of time or five hits, whichever comes first.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Trion Accounts Hacked

Words to the wise.
Word to the wise. If you have any credit cards or Paypal info linked into your Glyph account with Trion, probably a safe bet to remove it. That or change your password, I opted for both. Currently accounts with payment information are being used to purchase large quantities of digital goods from the company. From what I have read over the net, (one article tells) multiple companies have had information stolen. Might be a safe bet to keep that info out for awhile, at least until the company acknowledges this situation. I haven't seen Trion make an announcement, I hope to hear something soon, so that customers can be aware.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shadow Kings

I had a chance to check out Shadow Kings by Goodgame Studios, which is a really cute and whimsical game. It is available on android and PC, though the games don't carry over from one device to the other. I checked it out on the PC, got a feel for it to see what it was about. Sometimes it is just nice to play something rather relaxing.


Just sharing a cool little Kickstarter in this post, the game is called Stash. I don't get to follow many of these projects but this one really looks interesting. It has housing, pets and crafting... Yeah, I'll be waiting for this one for sure! I wish the team the very best of luck with the kickstart (already over halfway with 22 days to go)! Check out the website here, the kickstarter here.