Friday, August 28, 2009

Waiting around on Cataclysm.. bored to tears? (World of Warcraft)

"I believe I can fly... In Azeroth."
With the news of World of Warcraft's next expansion Cataclysm, it seems everyone is very excited about the new content and races. I didn't get to go to Blizzcon or stream it but thanks to MMO Champion and I got to see much of the info as it was reported in on these sites. Which was very exciting :D Those guys did a great job sharing everything with us!

Two new races, new levels, professions, and all that fun stuff! I think Blizzard has seen that people want new content sooner than they previously have put out.

Question is how soon will it come out? I find myself bored even to log in and do dailys lately. I think a big part of that for me is finding a good guild, the community is kind of crap so pugging groups can be a nightmare. But that's just b/c I know the new expansion is coming out.. It always happens to me, I go in cycles. I get bored to tears waiting on new stuff... then when it comes out it is like christmas!

Currently waiting on my family to start playing again, it always gets dull when people you play with leave. I raided up to the new ToC, then my guild got stupid so I left, w/o raiding not much else fun to do atm. But I'll look for another guild one of these days. I do think many other players are getting bored too.

With the new races and race change- alliance to horde changes there's a lot of possibilities on changing up things, instead of starting over as a new race this time. I'm looking forward to the archeology prof, something else to do.. other than daily's upon daily's raids and more heroics..

The worgen idea is fantastic. They can be human form ooc (out of combat), and worgen in combat. That is just too cool. Goblins are cool too but seriously how many green races does the horde need? I will have to wait to see more about them I suppose. They are cool though I will say that.

So with the new changes inc to stats, it sort of feels almost like gearing up more so is just kind of not as important. I really just want to do a /facepalm when I hear all the complaints on the WoW forums about the changes to stats. People don't get why they are reverting redundant stats... Anyhow, I would like to see the new instance in the new patch but.. really atm I am just burnt out and cutting the play time down till then.

I really do wish there were more options at 80 to work on besides heroics heroics raiding and more raiding some days. I find myself at times missing the aa (alternate advancement) system of Everquest. Just for something else to work on.

What to do till then... I have three 80's currently and the thought of leveling another makes me feel bleh. I do however still want to work on a warlock before the expansion comes out. Flying mounts in Azeroth! NAO PLZ!!!!! Props to Blizzard on all these innovative ideas.. just hurry up!

Till then stay safe adventurers! Tune in next time for my AoC review!

World of Warcraft Cataclysm


  1. I was more excited when Wrath of the Lich King was coming out cause it tied into Warcraft 3. However, I love the idea that they are changing the whole world in a end of the world kinda way.

  2. Yeah I think it will be more exciting the closer it gets. Hope so at least!




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