Saturday, August 2, 2014

Play Log: Wildstar, WoW, GW2

I just love my house in Wildstar :)

So, I missed the last day for Vanguard. Real life interfered. I felt so bad! I am glad that I did log in and get a chance to take some last screens, my only regret is not getting to take pictures of all the players saying good bye. Nobody was anywhere to be seen days before. I will always have a lot of nice memories of the game. Many wishes of what could have been. It will surely be missed.

I have about a week of playtime left on Wildstar. So far I've played my stalker up to 22 and made a new warrior on the Dominion to 17. I wanted to check out the other faction's city, see how things were over there. Overall I think the questing is simply smoother and a far more enjoyable experience overall. Then again had I picked a different starting area for my Exile I might have enjoyed it more. I have to say I lean towards the Exile simply because that's where the population is.

Will I subscribe again? My brother, Heri, is playing it with me now. He's played both sides and feels that if he is to play to end game he wants the side that isn't a ghost town, I can't blame him. We both find the housing amazing and massively fun. Overall the game is really fantastic, it is just the combat that isn't so me. I don't know if I will sub for another month. Part of me wants to just wait it out and come back in a few months to see what has changed. The other part of me wants to collect all these amazing things for my house, work on my path (scientist is awesome!), and just level up already.

The game has a lot of charm. Not only are housing plots fun, they have so much function. There are little things around the world that really rock. For instance I was mining the other day and a mining worm popped out. After I killed him there was a glowing hole in the ground where he popped out! I investigated (clicked) and had access to a whole mini area full or ore to mine! It was timed of course, but simple details like that make the game really shine.

We've tried a little PvP. I have to say it isn't where you get stomped and don't have any chance against X class. The style of combat really makes it interesting. Then again that's a double edged sword as melee. Dominion doesn't seem to win as often either. All in all it is decent, at the low levels. I'm not a huge fan of PvP but the rewards are good, you can get nice gear as well as some great xp, even some housing items too.

We're still working on the legendary cloak quest in WoW. Nelf and I are on the part where we collect
Valor. Instead of doing raids, we're racking up valor through timeless isle coins mostly. As a duo we make quick work of it and it seems to be more laid back than running through and waiting on raids/groups. Unless he decides to tank, then it is a breeze. A nice alternative none the less. This weekend there is the valor buff available, which is a 100% boost.

With all this nice gear at the end of the expansion it is a nice time to get into the brawler's guild. We've been playing around a bit with it, Nelf is much further than I but it is decent money and a lot of fun. They get much harder as you rank up. Very challenging, more fun when you have someone else to hang out there with to discuss tactics and just in general to have someone else to cheer on!

Also something to note, log in by September 30th to get the winning chopper from Azeroth Choppers. All accounts logged in before then will be flagged (basically log in now if you want it). The winning bike was the Horde version. I play both sides and I think it is pretty lame not everyone gets one. Yes, only Horde characters get the mount. I don't know what the deal is, if it were a win back promotion it would offer it to both sides. Another unhappy thought is that bloodelf models seem to be the only ones delayed for the release of the expansion. I'm so happy most will be ready by the time the expansion hits, but it has been a long time waiting. How long for the last of them? The amount of work put into the models looks great. Though I wonder if the faces really need that much animation. But still, I mean, imagine if you bought a shirt and a sleeve was missing, they planned to add it on in the future, but you can still wear it. It still functions, it just doesn't look quite right among all the other shirts. Guess I won't be playing my blood elves anytime soon!

Guild Wars 2 has season two out for the living story and I can say it is much better than what I played of the first season. The characters are also growing on me. Taimi is just so cute, with her big golem, Scruffy! Even Jory and Kas are growing on me. I like the story and I really look forward to playing through the next. I've just started this weeks episode, which has a  lovely back item if you collect/craft the items for it. It is quite lovely and I assume it will grow vines when upgraded. It requires lots of crafting or $$. I want to get it, we'll see. I have most of my professions maxed out. Though the recipes are grindy to get. I need to stop going after so many chests to save up geodes. Tips for chests, hold ctrl while running around, you'll see the names show up for any around you. What a lifesaver!

Oh, and we also got new kites! These cool toys add a run speed bonus. During sandstorms they add 33%
speed increase and normally add a 5% speed increase. I had to get one! I ended up getting one on the first day, they do seem very rare. These kites comes out of locked chests. They also come in three colors which you can see here. The one I found was yellow, then I had to pick up a black one. It was much cooler ;) Have a great weekend!


  1. Still playing Wildstar! Level 32, took it easy the past couple days and relaxed the grind. I got one of the rare faction mounts in one of my 9 Boom Boxes, and managed to get a bidding war going on it in /trade. Walked away with 8.5 plat for it, which payed for next month (CREDD are ~5 plat on my server) and then some. I think I'm going to keep playing as long as I can keep getting CREDD at a reasonable rate.

    1. Hey Rak. Gratz on the levels! Credd is quite cheap IMO. A little too cheap, great deal for you though! I need to get some levels, been so tired lately, just haven't leveled up as fast as I wanted to. I want 25 for my hover board!




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