Monday, July 28, 2014

Vanguard: SoH Sunsets This Week- July 31

This is the last week Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will be running. The game will sunset on July 31st. Telon will be dust in the wind, a mere memory that will haunt many. I never got as far as I wanted in the game, I got a late start but since playing it was always one I considered a game I always cycle through, never to leave for too long. I've had a serious itch to play for quite some time, though hearing the game would be shutting down made it too sad to log in. Until today I've logged in once, to grab some screens and create a video (which you can find here). I had planned on creating another, but it is simply too sad. Instead I will gather shots, I will be there on the last day, as I said I would. I'd kick myself forever if I wasn't!

This morning I debated on doing a video, instead I thought it more fitting to fly around peacefully and capture pictures. It rained and rained no matter where I went, suiting for the mood I suppose. Many are very gloomy. Logging in I really was drawn back in by the beauty and ambiance of the game. Very few games cause such an impression and it was nice to just fly around and look at things. Yes, it is just a game, but it is also a lovely work of art that has a real place in our hearts. The systems, the music, the graphics. Much love and thought was put into this game, so it is sad to see it all fade away. 

It is a shame that the game will sunset, nothing can be done. Log in while you can. While there may be an emulator one day, that day may or may not come. 

I'm passing on a few links to check out and leaving a slew of screenshots. 

Linkage! Times and dates within links, be sure to check them out for more info.
I don't really know any other bloggers that have posted anything on the subject. Feel free to share any posts in the comments, any screenshot galleries, videos and so on. I would like to try to compile one last post with links or at least update this list. 


  1. I wont begrudge ya your last time in Vanguard. Looks like you're having fun with all the screenshots :) I've been busting my hump leveling and recruiting for the Dominion on Evindra. I'm 31 on my Cassian Stalker. Just stopped by to drop you another art link. I know you like looking at that stuff as much as I do.

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  3. I was planning on playing Vanguard but I forgot it was downloaded on my computer until about seven days after the shut down.

    1. Ugh, seems the comment got flagged for moderation, sorry! That's too bad you didn't get around to playing it before it went down, for me it was too sad to do much more than fly around. I felt really bad I missed the last day, my AC was on the fritz and I had a lot going on trying to get that problem solved, then something else happened and VG was the last thing on my mind at that point. I was so out of it by the evening and realized it an hour after the server went down! I had planned on being there, months ahead so I felt pretty terrible that I missed it.




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