Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Postcards From Tyria (GW2)

Stopping to see all the main attractions and the little ones on the side!

I've finally pulled Dire away from D3 long enough to get him to play Guild Wars 2 with me. He lost his account information somewhere around a year ago and didn't want to hassle with the process. So now he's started over. A while back he did try to start over with a Norn guardian, which didn't seem to work out so well. I don't think that was really to his taste. This time I offered input on a different race and class. I don't know if he particularly enjoyed the Norn starting area honestly, he seemed okay with it. I figured a fresh area with a new race might be more exciting. A different class, the warrior. Which has always been a class he has enjoyed in the games he's played. One I think he'll be able to do a lot with at end game, such as duo dungeons with me. He likes to do things like that, so it might offer another avenue of play.

One of the things that I think drew him back in was that he was playing D3 to relax with a game, he was looking for that in an MMO but didn't really find it with so many games focusing on raiding to progress. While he loves to work hard on his characters, he just doesn't have the time for things like that these days. When I explained exotics, how accessible they were to get he seemed interested in playing. He likes the story so far, he really likes the look of the world and just bopping around doing events and hearts. I think it is a game where he can really relax and feel like he accomplishing things on his character when he plays. There is quite a lot for him to do, lots of goals to make.

It's  very nice to be able to join him on his adventures. See the game though fresh eyes. I still have much of the game to see, but it is new all over for him. We have fun working on events and he gets excited when an event pops up, it is a festive feel in the game to see so many people around to be able to join in. I think it will be something we can both stick with and play together. We have tried others here and there but they always end up being huge time sinks for him. Such as a death in EverQuest, it could really put a kink in his play session. LoTRO wasn't too bad but it has since changed and we're not up those changes. WoW is ideal in a lot of ways but he's just really burnt out on it. GW2 it is!

I'm no ace at jumping in GW2 but since returning, a ways back, I have gotten back into the feel of things. I am much better than I was years ago. I can pretty much help and show Dire the ways through many puzzles that I have completed, it is fun to join him with this part of exploring the game. I love exploring in GW2, just the other day I found a hidden cave in Lion's Arch that led to a puzzle area- which had traps that ended up killing me. I need to return with a different line up of abilities next time. But it was really fun to explore and find little places like that.

I've also managed to get my Arah set going. Getting mainly the pieces I wanted for my appearance gear. I might end up getting the last three items, not as rushed about it since the look is complete for now. This set just screams necromancer, I wanted it since I first saw it! The necromancer isn't the most over powered class but it is the one I had my heart set on since I first heard about it, I loved it in the first game as well. I enjoy it a lot.

I still dabble with alts, not as much these days. I have a lot of goals for this one. I want to get my last profession to/over 400, I am only missing one profession, the most needed one (for me at this time). I want to make an ascended weapon, as I have many of the mats just sitting there taking up space. I'll get it started soon, another thing on the list to check off. Checking off lists in GW2 is just so satisfying for some reason.

Really enjoying GW2, very happy someone is finally playing it with me! This time I plan of sticking around for quite awhile as a main game, hoping he will as well. It will be a great change.

Sharing some pictures of our adventures and just some funny shots, enjoy!

I love this illusion!

She wouldn't share her balloon with me... 

A lovely scene from an adventure of map completion. 

Mmm! Chicken!

I don't even know what was going on here... 

...Or here.

Exploring the PvP map areas. 

The cavern I found, and died in, lol.

Another cave.

A cozy little corner of Lion's Arch.

Why so serious?

Dire and I completing a puzzle.

Race you to the next way point! 'No clicking!

My new look. Minus the horns, they didn't fit so well.  

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