Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Well Done, Cupcake! Err... Carbine! (Wildstar)

Late last night the countdown to Wildstar's  F2P release rolled around, there was already a queue lined up when I managed to log in a little bit ahead of time. Before actually logging in, I realized I had forgotten that I had a two step verification tied to my account still, which was on an older phone, which has then since been replaced. No way to remove it other than contacting support. So I decided to promptly put in a ticket and hope for the best, I really had hoped I would be able to play my account I picked up at release. Until then I logged in on another account. And I was surprised when the countdown rolled to all zeroes, on the homepage, the character creation screen smoothly came into view on my monitor.

However for the first hour I didn't actually get to create a new character. It seems there were some issues, where you'd basically time out and the game would either crash or freeze, or for me, just hang up on finishing the process and eventually lose connection. But the team was on it, posting on twitter.  I was keeping busy with other stuff, checking back in on the side. Exciting times, I always hope for the best but expect the worst, that's just how it is. I just like to be part of the rush, it is fun and something you just have to be there for, IMO.

Within an hour and a half my support had fixed my problem and emailed me back. My jaw about hit the floor, I mean seriously, how many tickets have I put in on launches only to go days and weeks to wait for things to be resolved?! Or even regular issues that take way too long to even get a reply for? Just last week DBG charged me two many times for a purchase, it took several days for a reply, leaving me wondering. We waited weeks for a ban to be lifted off my son's account when he was hit with a wrongful mass ban in TESO. So I have to say, well done, Carbine! Many thanks to the team, which I know had to be hammered with tickets. Which was purely my fault, as a nagging little voice reminded me I should check on that last week, that is just excellent service. I was just so stunned, that is something that makes me really want to support a company. I did not expect help so soon, and it saddens me that that is what we've come to expect as customers. That for me really made all the difference.

Last night the servers were up and down. I didn't play a lot, but I managed to get a little time in. The servers are down again this afternoon. I am sure they are working hard, they are keeping us updated and that is a good thing-- we are kept in the loop. Things will smooth out in a few days and this will all be old news. It isn't like this is a brand new game, just a few snags to iron out as it relaunches and I am sure the traffic is heavy.

When I logged in I decided to log my stalker on. She's 23, it has been quite awhile since I played her and I felt pretty lost. I had so much to sort through with my inventory. Where was the bank? Where was I questing? I had so many gifts to claim. New mounts, a couple pets, cosmetic items.... It was really neat and felt like I was being welcomed back. There is a daily reward for logging in, which ALWAYS gets me. I still log into GW2 for my daily even if I am not playing (thus I now have a 62 alt from reward xp book tokens, woot). I love daily rewards and it even entices me to play more, sometimes.

But, yeah, it was confusing. My house was still there. I missed you, Wildstar housing!! My plot was even bigger than before! I have a lot of boomboxes to claim, sweeeeeeet! The game ran great, looked great, there were people everywhere in town. Lots of 50's in the game all over, as well as lots and lots low levels players in the newbie zones. Which I decided is probably best that I start fresh on a new alt, an esper this time I think, or perhaps an engineer? It will help me get back into things and refresh my memory. I'm thinking the esper will be fun, it was almost my first choice when the game first released.

I'm excited to be back. It will be nice to see holiday events in the game this year as well. I wish Carbine the best of luck with the relaunch of Wildstar! If you haven't checked it out, there's no better time, especially with the rush of people returning or checking things out for the first time! No launch is perfect, remember that! Check out the epic cinematic, it's awesome :)

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