Monday, September 28, 2015

Screenshots And Things

Are we having fun yet?! Dire hates selfies in game and out, lol.

In a few short hours Wildstar will launch it's new F2P model. I never did end up trying the beta, I just thought since there was not much time in between the launch and the date I received the code; I may as well just wait and not spoil things for myself. I'm looking forward to seeing how the game has changed. I'll be picking up my Aurin stalker which is around 30, going from there to see how I like the game now. It has been quite awhile since I last played. I do miss my housing, and I liked the world a lot, so this will be great to check the game out again!

Things like sprint always on will be very welcomed, as a player with CTS, the little things like that make all the difference. I always hated having to overuse my hands for silly things anyhow. While the burst of speed was nice, it felt annoying to have to reach over and use it all the time. Other than that, I am very excited for holidays in Wildstar! I can't really say much more, I finally got the game downloaded and patched up, all ready to go. The website was down (besides the count down front page), so I managed to find a link on the forums for a download, yay! Overall I am not sure if I will like the game more so than last time, but I am still excited to check things out again. We'll see in my next post ;)

Dire, and my son, as well as I, have been playing WoW and having an overall fun time. My son had to catch up on getting his flying achievement. I helped fly him around to do daily quests with me which made things easier on him, as well as giving him any medallions (random drop off zone bosses which you consumeable for a large Draenor faction boost) for faction, to speed up the process. Then the last thing he needed was a random daily quest from the garrison, "The Pit", which was very irritating because it took two weeks to pop up! Then it was up for two days. A real pain, luckily I didn't have to wait on it as Dire drug me out to do it one day, I didn't even notice I had needed it. But now he has his flying and all is good. He is back to farming, dumping crazy amounts of gold in our guild bank to help. Because... I am just a spender not a farmer apparently. I don't know how he does it, he's much more disciplined at saving and making money in the game. I like to buy too many transmog items :(

We have ran a few LFR  (Looking For Raid) groups lately. Basically, it is a more laid back version that randomly throws you into a pug raid... If you haven't played WoW in a few years, it is a nice alternative. Except that there is nothing cool looking in these raids for gear, and nothing is as good as regular mode, of course. The end game loot that is now available in the newer released level 100 area is much better. The only real reason would be to do the legendary ring quest. I am slowly working on it with my priest, but I doubt I finish it honestly. Dire has been working on it with his five level 90 toons. Ding 100 for his latest, the priest.

My son and I mostly heal in LFR, which is pretty much easy, we always do very well, not to brag, but it is still annoying. I find myself 'yelling', in caps, directions for DPS to move or do this or that. They really just don't care or just must be really bad. I'm not sure which it is. Not something I even bother caring about when I take my lock as DPS. Whatever, dot, dot, dot, that's about it. Overall LFR seems worse than ever. People afk the whole raid, or people not healing or people just on auto follow. I mean it's not terrible but I suppose it really sucks the fun out of doing it on top of the fact that nothing is of much use in these LFR dungeons. Not a favorite activity and sometimes I even pass when asked by the guys to go. Maybe doing one out of three raids they plan on doing.

On my own I picked up Aura Kingdom again. It has been quite awhile since I last played, release actually. I read there was a new necromancer class. I had also read you needed a level 55 to start one, much like the DK in WoW. But I was pleasently surprised you don't need anything special. I was very happy and turns out the class is a lot of fun. There are lots of pets to summon (you can have three out at any given time), the class uses scythes, and it is overall pretty cool. I am into my 30's and loving it. I hear things start to change around 40, so we'll see.

The world is really beautiful, it is such a lovely game. If you follow the quests there is a nice bit of humor and even the story lines interest me. There is also a lot of eavesdropping on NPC characters for achievements, which is pretty funny sometimes. You gain a free mount early on, a few free costumes, even a few bags as well. It is easy to follow with a lot to do, there are job boards for daily dungeons and so on. I imagine after 40 the game relies heavily on those things.

I see myself playing this a lot in the future. Or at least I hope to be. It's a real relaxing game. Once I fixed all the wonky key bindings and mouse controls to play like a more classic MMO, it was smooth sailing. Very nice to have that option!

Here and there I am playing in EQ2, mostly a new SK. I am waiting on Halloween to come around so I can level her up through those quests and gets tons and tons of cool things for housing, lol. There is an event now out, leading up to the next expansion, Prelude to The Sundered Ground. You can find more on EQ2 Traders Corner if you are interested. But basically it is just killing elemental mobs in static packs, for tokens to cash in for goodies. Not the best xp for my lowbie character I'm working on, but I managed to pick up a few cool items so far.

And that's about it for today. Are you trying out Wildstar again? Feel free to share some thoughts in the comments!


Aura Kingdom


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