Saturday, October 10, 2015

Wildstar- Settling In

Wildstar's F2P transition has come and gone, now it's smooth sailing. No more queue times, server restarts and queues. It really wasn't all that bad for me. I had a few things bother me, but I figured it would all soon be just a memory, the aggravation. I didn't suffer from most of the queue times, I play later on so that might be why. The additional servers helped I am sure, which was great to see so many people wanting to play Wildstar!

So, after the launch bumps have subsided I thought I'd post some thoughts and what I did over the past week or so in Wildstar. When I didn't want to wait for or I was in a queue, I logged into Trove, but that's for another post. I had a lot of fun there too so maybe it wasn't as painful until I had logged on, finally, to see the server was going down in five minutes. Now that is always harsh to see, lol.

I made an Esper, it was cool, got her to 11. It was a bit slow. I played a spellslinger to 17, got me a house, woo hoo! Then I made an engineer, which is sitting at 10. I really like the engineer a lot. Still haven't played my stalker or warrior, probably go with the eng  as my main. Slowly playing on the side. I take the game in small bursts. The action play, or rather marks all over the ground and the aiming of the abilities, doesn't bother me as much as it once did. But combat still feels rather slow. I log into WoW and make a new character, which I did last week, at some point, it feels like night and day. Almost more relaxing to just pew, pew, pew things down with ease. I guess I've done the vanilla type MMO thing one too many times. But I hear it gets better, so I do plan on playing Wildstar to the cap!

Customer support seems great, at least from my end. For the most part I have had some great results and though some took longer than other things, it was a crazy week for the team. I think they all deserve a thumbs up. I'm really enjoying all the pets, the wardrobe changes, the mounts at lower levels, it's just really good stuff. The game has such personality, from all the flair on mounts to the animations, it is something you can't help notice.

I didn't get much done with housing. I may work more on my engi's house when she gets hers. I just have been trying to focus on getting my footing, trying to decide which I want to play up first. The last time I played around with housing things bugged out, which may have been due to server lag. Oh, and the music you can pick from for your housing plot...! Niiiice. You can change the ground too now... to match your sky you can change... So awesome! I like crickets, the ambient nature sounds, very nice! That's what I picked, tough choices. I sat for ages checking everything out on my plot.

All in all I am having a nice time. Sometimes combat drags on still at these levels, but I'm hoping to see more in the game as the adventure continues. Oh and thanks to MMORPG for the cool ride pictured in the bottom, I was lucky enough to snag one of their second round of codes I tweeted (FB and G+) about yesterday. And thanks to the Wildstar/Carbine team for their hard work, they really did a great job IMO, I'm glad to be back with all the changes.

Halloween starts soon, the 18th! Can't wait.

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