Sunday, January 17, 2021

Shadowlands Travels

Just some of my favorite shots from Shadowlands that I've taken, working my way through it I took so many pictures, everything just has such a nice level of detail!

The skies in Shadowlands are really picturesque. 

Love the wings, would love to have these as an option though there are several types of wings from covenants. 
Bolvar is back, though he looks far from the Proctor of Stowmwind from vanilla.

More cool winged creatures in Bastion.

Bastion is really pretty in a faded, airy way.

Cool shot I snapped while questing. 

A new Shadowlands mount, love all the mounts in this xpac, they're just really interesting and fun (Dreamlight Runestag).

Another lovely sky shot.

Another favorite mount I've collected, I have always wanted a unicorn in WoW, this one is a flying mount as well! (Shimmermist Runner)


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