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GW2- Trick or Treat - PT2- Quick Guide

Quick Guide: ACT 1
Following up my first post and impressions of this event, I thought I'd throw out a post of my conclusion and some helpful links, compile some information on what I've found thus far. I've had more of a chance to putter around with the event. Spoilers through here, skip to the conclusion if you want my final thoughts.

Onward with the events! If you're trying to complete the first part, which I thought would be more of a story, you will have to travel into zones that get higher, I wanted to do this with my necromancer but the last area is a bit higher for her. This is a scavenger hunt, the following acts will release in the following days, you can look here for the list.

The scavenger hunt is a bit confusing, if you don't want to spend forever trying to figure it out, this is a fantastic guide for: Shadow of The Mad King. It is interesting, run around and find ghosts which hand you books. If you check at the end of this guide, there will be directions on who to turn them into for the final reward- A book that straps onto the character's back like a backpack. Also, there will be free horns, they did not go live in the cash shop when the event did, so just keep an eye out for them.

Other things to do? Goodies? You can mine candy corn all over, look for mining nodes on your minimap, which have the chance to give you treat bags and candy corn. The bags hold candies used to create some of the halloween weapons, which look like they require a MASSIVE amount of items. These items are not all that common, only the candy corn. You can also carve pumpkins, they are scattered around the world, mostly I'd go with LA and the areas from the scavenger hunt, those seem the highest possibilities (maps below in link). Sometimes a bag will have something fun, consumable in it. I got a roll of toilet paper from one, which you could throw a few times.

There are also doors that spawn in the world, I found a few, they don't last for long. If you see one, best run towards it and get it while you can. Monsters pop out and you kill them, they only dropped treat bags for me. The monsters seem to die fast and don't have many waves, catch them while you can!

All in all the event is very pretty, lots of great decorations. There is stuff to do, not a massive amount of things, I think you even get a title for carving pumpkins, which is a cool bonus. There are achievements too.

Helpful links as I haven't found a complete guide for the event yet:

Final impressions of the event?
Hopefully some of you out there enjoy the event. I'm not impressed but there is some fun to be had. It isn't what I had expected. I never mind throwing some money at the cash shop to support my favorite games. I don't like the direction A-Net is going with the chests. I was looking forward to more fun stuff being available within the game as well, like a lot of the other games I play. Maybe EQ2 has spoiled me, as they shower tons of cool things onto players with the events. Maybe the event will ramp up with the other acts? I suppose we'll have to stay tuned. 

Having said that it is still a fun game. I don't know if I'll be as passionate about the game, I'm very unimpressed with the direction the development team is going with events like this, a pity as I really love the game. Anyhow, hope everyone has fun, gets lots of goodies and has much better luck with chests than most of us have! Follow this guide for more information and thoughts on the subsequent acts (Links Below).

ACT 2:
Read more about what's going on HERE on the official site.
For more on what to do and where to go, an awesome guide here!
My thoughts and a review on what all there is to do, with pics!

Pics of the event and my final thoughts.

The Mad King returns to LA for one day- Halloween!

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  1. EoD is pretty nice and they just announced more EoD related content (living world?) on top of a new expansion! They've never announced a new expansion a few weeks after releasing one, so I'd say that is a great indicator to the success of GW2 in 2022!




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