Tuesday, August 27, 2019

House of Thule

Today I wanted to add some shots from the EverQuest: House of Thule expansion. Dire and I have been working through progression on our characters, his SK is 107 and climbing towards the cap and my druid is 96. I'm catching up, we could grind and I could catch up pretty quickly but we though progression through expansion content would be a fun thing to work on together and have done a lot thus far. I thought it might be interesting to share some shots that show the later game, even though this content is around eight years old. There are nice things to gain by doing progression content, it's a great way to learn the zones as well. We're still using ZAM , which is a massive help. If you click on the wiki tab it links down to progression for each xpac. I'm thankful that people still update it and maintain it! We're having a lot of fun and it gives us some goals to work towards! Enjoy the shots.

This is The Well zone off The Grounds, I though it would be cool to see what was in the well, it's just really a cavern. Luckily it didn't take long and we could climb out of the well and head elsewhere, heh.

A lot of the House of Thule content is in the actual house, the wings are separated in some areas, it is massive and very interesting all around. Many zones within the house.

An icy room of the House.

We were in an alternate version of the Dread Lands here.

Dire was fighting some baddies in the pool of water there while I tried to take a good shot of the statues.

Back to Fear, but another altered version.

Looks familiar.

Dark room with a door, which actually leads to my favorite area which is Morell's Castle.

Morell's Castle has a lot of neat looking areas, it is whimsical and colorful and you can tell the developers had a lot of fun with it. 
There is even a witch who cooks halflings in her oven in the candy house there.

I suddenly have a sweet tooth.

This area made my  head feel woozy, very cool effects leading into..

We came up into a boat on the beach!

A giant sandcastle. LOVED this!

Wait for me!

Dire asked if this would be my 'room' out of all the rooms in the house, LOL. Yes, definitely. 


  1. Thanks for those. I've never seen this zone - a little too high for my highest character to solo! I wish they'd up the Heroic Character level to 100 (at least) so I could move up a notch and see some of the stuff I haven't seen yet.

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