Tuesday, August 27, 2019


So, classic just launched, technically yesterday, it's midnight here and I wanted to make a quick post. I was in a queue of over 6k people and somehow got in within the first five minutes. I had to log out for a few and hopped on later to try to play but the lag is so terrible that I couldn't even play. Things will settle down in time. My son has gotten quite a bit ahead of me but maybe I can catch up tomorrow! It is quite annoying not to be able to really play but it is nice to see classic WoW so well received. I actually just started back on the new content with retail and have been having fun with that, so it is something else to do for now. I'm on the Pagle server, my son and bother are playing there, but I have been thinking of trying a low pop server, lol. Sharing a few shots of how packed it was at release. Wish I had more to share! If you're playing, hopefully you're having more fun than I have been able to!


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