Thursday, September 26, 2019

Break Time

I really enjoyed playing EverQuest over the summer with Dire, we gained many levels and he maxed out his Shadow Knight at 110 while I sit at 107 with the SK/Druid duo. We did a lot of progression content which I never really have done. There is a lot to see and do in EverQuest still, so much content to delve into.

It wasn't actually me who drifted away this time. Shocking, I know. I looked forward to our duo, but I think the progression content seemed to burn Dire out. I don't know if it was the fact that the quests grow more tedious as you get towards newer content or the need to look up every single step. He ended up getting burnt out and wanting to take a break. The game shifts gears as you get to the cap, it gets better with a boxing team and I think that was partly the deal too, he got tired of dragging a box around with us everywhere. He loves to box but I suppose he doesn't always want to feel he needs to. I am disappointing to report that we are taking another EQ break, I had more fun this time around, seeing more of the game than ever. I do hope to pick this game back up soon, I actually miss playing EQ with him.

He did make a new GW2 character with me but our characters are still sitting at level seven. I've been looking for what would be a great duo MMO and pretty much this is one of the better options. I hope it will gain some traction. GW2 is a great game and a nice and easy game to play a duo.

I deleted a character to make a slot to play with you, boy!

I have been jumping into GW2 more than anything when I play alone, there is always something to do like world map completion, events, world bosses cycling continually and so on. We also had a new update bringing with it a new map. The map is very reminiscent of Pre-Searing Ascalon from the first game. It cycles through events, has some interesting bits about it but it is different than most other maps we've received, it is more of an event map. I hop in to check out events but that is about it so far. There is a concert event with musicians and all kinds of crazy things going on at once, it has been really well received. I have had a lot of fun doing the event as well. It is definitely dun and worth checking out, it has a very festive feeling to it.

I don't know what really happened with Classic WoW. I got really fed up with queue times and then my sub lapsed. I think I logged in more to play retail, I ended up getting my hunter suited up in some better gear and doing some of the new areas, having an overall nice time. I do want to play through classic, then I think how I did it when it was current and maybe it isn't as enticing as I thought it would be, heh. I have, however, gotten to live though it through my sons eyes. He was in elementary school when WoW released and while he did play he was just a kid putzing around and so this time around he's really loved it. He hit 60 very quickly, has been raiding and doing old dungeon runs. He saved up and got a mount quickly, he's really flourished, but he also spends a lot of time playing, something I don't really want to do. Dungeon runs that I spent hours doing years ago, I don't really want to do again now. I am happy to see Classic WoW so widely received and enjoy hearing and seeing how much people are enjoying it. Classic WoW is still great in many ways, I had a blast when it was current. I may bite the bullet and play just to play something with my son, I need to sooner than later though.

EQ2 has the summer panda event going on as well as some stuff for the expansion prelude, I need to hop onto a test and check things out, where I mainly play anymore. There are a couple of new MMO games to check out. Right now I am downloading Eternal Magic which released into open beta today. Tomorrow Astellia opens up for play also. They both look like they will be fun to try out if anything. I am always craving something new to try, hopefully there will be some interesting stuff to report back on. That's my plan for my next post. That's it for today, safe adventures!

Everything in Guild Wars 2 has such as polished and epic feel.

I love the massive amount of players the events pull in.


Shadow Behemoth is still fun.

The Char metal concert about to begin.

The event draws a large crowd.

I don't have any flying mounts yet, this one was a free loan.

A hidden treasure room.

Everybody run!

Dire and I while he went through his birthday presents.

Waiting on an event to begin.

New area on the new map.

Very beautiful and makes me think of the first Guild Wars game.

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