Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Postcards From Norrath

Sharing some shots from EQ today. Dire and I here with our Mage/Chanter duo.

Leveling in Karnor's Castle. Druid/War duo.

Warrior got left behind and ranger power leveled druid some. 

Ranger was swapped out for zerker, which ended up being a duo we're playing also. I adore the Druid, so much utility.

Running my druid with Dire's SK/Bard box duo.

Here we are doing some progression with the druid and zerker.

Funny moment with the guild lobby still loading up.

Carpet mounts are awesome with skeleton illusions.

Our Zerker and Druid duo doing more progression, a neat shot of the zone.

Massive moon in PoK.

Neat looking appearance with the warrior epic I ran past in PoK

Wall of Slaughter.

Another very cool appearance set I saw in PoK on another player.

My Paladin, something to play with when Dire in't here. She's quite fun!

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