Thursday, June 13, 2019

June Already!

A few weeks ago I wrote a nice long post about the City of Heroes Homecoming server and then poof it went, the post didn't save and I just never got around to writing it again. The blog has gotten dusty, I've been really lacking in energy and it has gotten worse recently. And thus after passing out, waking up to the sound of my son running towards me while I had my face planted in the floor, Dire took me to the doctors. Turns out I have a minor heart issue going on. We're not sure what it is, most likely due to me being anemic, we'll know more next week. TMI probably but for years I  took a lot of effort and tried to focus on blogging here-- But stress and life just sucked all my energy to the point where I have not felt much like writing anything. I'd like to pick up and have that focus again, I miss it. If you're still here reading, thank you, as always. *Dusts off the blog as well as herself*

So, City of Heroes Homecoming. I really had a lot of fun with this server. I loved the game, as old and clunky as it is it feels good to play still. I started out with a class/archetype that I liked, the mastermind, having so many pets is really, really awesome.  The pet selection is really a neat aspect as you can pick from ninjas, thugs, undead, demons or robots. I have not gotten very far but I pop in here and there. Always I see so many people playing. The queues were crazy to begin with and servers were added. It really was heartwarming. There are some bugs but nothing terrible. I highly recommend trying it out if you haven't yet.

Mostly I have been playing WoW. Dire came back with me this time and we made alts. We started some horde alts but then I unlocked the Void Elf race finally, and so we made more alts. I do like the recolored blood elves for the fact that they have cooler hair with some great colors as well as skin tones. I feel slightly cheated having to grind for a recolored race but all in all I am happy I unlocked it. I also took my main, Clo, to the max, not sure if I even mentioned it here. I eagerly await the new content coming out in the next patch, more things to do. This expansion is not bad but feels a bit unfinished so hopefully that will help pull things together. Maybe it is just me.

The grind on the Void Elves wasn't that bad, just gating in behind a daily limit was a bit annoying. At max level it is very easy. As was the Light Forged Draenei, which I like a lot too. Our little duo are two void elves, we're closing in on 70 now and leveling has been pretty speedy. I'd like to get Dire up to speed soon so he can check out the new expansion as he's not set foot in it yet, I think he'll like the new areas.

EQ2 has a returning event Oceansfull, a nifty little event with a lot of nautical items to collect. It is whimsical and easy, I will pop in for that, most likely on test. Other than that I pop in to EQ2 and Rift when I can, still feel the pull but not had much of a chance to do much with either.

SWTOR had the new Dantooine Incursion event. To me it seemed a bit over-tuned, but I have been playing very sporadically, so maybe it is just me again on that too, lol. The event has some new rewards, lots of daily quests and I do look forward to seeing it cycle through. I really hope to see some good stuff with the expansion, there is always a lot to do but sometimes some new shiny stuff is a nice distraction for awhile. Mostly I am playing that on the side and WoW with Dire. It's good to be playing together again, it has been quite some time.

That's it for today, hopefully not such a long pause until next time :)
Sharing some shots of WoW and CoH:

One last thing! A thanks for being added to the ibuypower Top 60 Gaming Blogs, that's a real good pick me up to be included there! I am always humbled and thankful to be remembered in this ever shrinking medium of the gaming world.

Light Forged Draenei alt.

I saved this name for Dire for months, lol.

Popping through zones, it is nice to have a large choice to level through for 1-70.

Riding my noble steed, Dire, lol, and my pet hopped on for a ride too.

I love to see all the costumes people design, one of the coolest aspects of the game.

More costumes.

Is that Tyriel?

Beating up baddies.

Sneaking through a solo instance. 

Let's go, thugs. My pets are thugs, lol. 


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