Sunday, June 23, 2019


Just sharing some shots from WoW and Rift today. Mostly all I have been playing. Dire and I are sitting around 80 in WoW with the alts, not as much time to level them quickly but hopefully over the holiday weekend we can get them a lot of levels! Rift is still in need of some updates and content but it is still fun to play alts on, tons of leveling content.

Finally had a chance to pop in and see the new roller coaster at the Darkmoon Faire. Same as the carousel for the xp butt but a little more interactive, heh.

It has been nice going through old zones in BC.

Dire and I.

Love these mounts you can ride a friend on, they make questing together so easy.

The summer festival event is here, not much new really, Dire did a few quests while I stood there being lazy, lol. 

Water Rift in the background. 

Questing in Rift.

Rift has some of the coolest lighting, I take way too many shots. 


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