Friday, April 26, 2019

April Play Log

I suppose it's been a few since my last post. I have just had a lot of garbage going on and I didn't really end up doing much in EverQuest on the new progression server. But I had been picking up speed and doing more with WoW lately and then I had a kid slam into me totaling my car earlier this week. I'm okay, my car isn't... But I'm thankful I wasn't hurt. Anyhow so why didn't I stick with EQ?

Not a big deal to some, but there are certain things I like to farm at the low levels and they always seem to help me start off on a new character on a new server. On this server, Selo, a lot of low level drops seemed to be removed. I tried other progression servers and live to see if maybe it was bad luck, or if they were removed across all servers. Nope, just this one. I didn't like that. Basically it killed it for me and I haven't done much there since I figured that it wasn't just my luck. I have puttered on the normal servers but not a lot this month. It is still fun but it sort of feels jaded, what else is gone.

I have been playing WoW again and finally hit the cap with Clo, my hunter. I enjoyed leveling in this expansion and now I'm working on alts, mainly leveling the Lock on the Horde side. Dire has started playing again but pretty much mainly on alt with me. We're playing the allied races, which we had intended to do last year but never got around to it. He is a Druid and I a Priest, he tanks I heal, a decent duo for leveling. It is nice being back and overall I do like the expansion. It does seem there are far less world quest than on the previous expansions's maps. Maybe it's just me, but it feels like less. I've done a few groups, they have gone well and everyone is pleasant. Nelf, my son, has been playing again with me and we've done some time walking and expeditions too, it's been fun.

Rift has a new daily/weekly type event/pass thing going on. I have logged in to work on it some, it is interesting but I think they really need to ramp things up a bit. I still enjoy logging on with more to do, so glad to see something else implemented. I am also looking forward to SWTOR's expansion, I am excited about new content and have been missing playing lately, I may log in for kicks this weekend. LoTRO also has an anniversary coming up so there is that to pop into as well. And EQ2 just had a ton of holiday content recently, they are really keeping things fun there. What I am really looking forward to is the City of Heroes Homecoming server, it is technically a private server, but we'll see where it goes. If you want to try it there is an install guide here. MassivelyOP also has some insight and info on things here if you want to find out more about the specifics of the server.

I am currently downloading it and it is taking forever. But it's going! I hope to get in and play some. I would like to create a mastermind and report back on the blog, depends on how it goes. My son asked me years ago to buy him the game and that's the only times I really tried it, it was so long ago I didn't give it much of  a chance. Not sure if I'll like it any better but I do want to hop in while the chance is there!

Safe adventures!


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