Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Rift: Dimension Showcase (Harvest Meadow, Gloamwood Glen)

Sharing a few pics with a couple of my dimensions in Rift today. The Harvest Meadow and Gloamwood Glen. I love the fact that you can have so many dimensions in Rift and share them easily across alts. It has to be my absolute favorite thing about Rift, the gorgeous dimensions. There are so many talented people in the community, they always astound me with their creativity.

My spooky mount fits right in! I added a night type sky with stars because I wanted the torches and bonfire to stand out.

Trying out the new stained glass projections for windows. These are made by dreamweavers.

Another stained glass projection, they make for nice ambiance. 

The bedroom of this little two bedroom cottage.

Livingroom area.

Dining area, still have some work to do here.

Another angle of the house entrance up close.
I added pathways to several areas to give it a bit of structure. Bonfire behind me, needs work still.
Hot-air balloon! I thought this would be a fun item to try to replicate with the CoTA floats.

Once you get off the hot-air balloon on your ride in (zone in, lol), head on down to the water for refreshments.

Small boat on the water, view from the bottom.

Still a work in progress but here are some of the things on the boat so far.

I had a lot of fun doing these two dimensions, still need some finishing touches but I wanted to share them already!

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