Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Expansion Ponderings

Today the EQ2 team did an expansion livestream on Facebook for Kunark Ascending, which I really enjoyed. There was a lot of cool information for the expansion. You can find the video here, you don't need an account to watch it. It is due out Nov 15, granted everything goes smoothly.

Rift also has a new expansion heading out around that time and I think I only want to pick one to start off with, the other can wait until next year. Both have pre-order bonuses, Rift has an artifact collecting mount, and EQ2 gives a 100 boost to get started and ready for the expansion. Very tough choice. While Rift also offers a (65) boost included with the expansion, it is only redeemable when the expansion is released. Ugh, no getting a character set up and ready before hand. The mount is very cool and once the expansion launches you cannot get it, but you have to make sure to pre-order it ahead of time because it is a daily login currency system to collect for it. Both offer nice CE rewards, for more expensive packs. EQ2 has housing, mounts, decor/block patterns, while Rift offers some appearance items and another mount. EQ2 does also offer a statue with buffs, one per character.

Out of both of them, I am going to go with EQ2 first. Tough choice but the boost upfront for my enchanter will be nice, I can get started on her epic because it will be needed for the epic 2.0 quest released with the expansion. They are not upping the cap with this expansion, instead adding four new ascended classes with neat illusions to go along with them. This looks really exciting, I will enjoy passing on new levels in favor of a different type of progression focused more on building your character's power.

One thing I don't like is, like the ToT expansion, the map will not show any quest markers. On the livestream the team said this makes the player become more immersed and turn to the community to gain information and interact. I think this has the opposite effect, in fact I know it will, because I have done it for years and years, I will head to the wiki or Zam, get the location, copy and paste the waypoint in the game and look on the map. I will not ask anyone, there is no reason to. Too many times I see in games people told to 'Go ask Google!"... And I can't be bothered to wait for an answer when I can google it quite easily like I always have.  But new or returning players? I don't know how much the developers actually play, but this is easier, while it breaks immersion to have to tab out, I value my time and there is only so much I will spend wandering around aimlessly. I am not the only one, I've seen players mention the same issues I have with this. It is also confusing for new and returning players, coming from newer games, so many other games offer this feature. It feels dated and you cannot force players backwards, they will find the easiest path. They (players) are smart and creative, that is why we have EQ2 maps, because so many people wanted this feature for so long. There are two things I chalk this up to, catering to a small minority that has tons of time to waste, or just being plain lazy and skipping it, because it saves development time. Either way color me unimpressed.

But even so, I do think it will be an interesting expansion. I love Kunark in both EverQuest games and retro throwback expansions seem to be a thing with games lately. I look forward to the new ascended idea, I think it is a nice alternative to WoW's artifact system, instead of unlocking weapons you unlock ascended classes. Plus, the epic 2.0 weapon being a part of this is icing on the cake.

A couple of other things being added would be mercenaries using armor, which should help these companions gain power to keep with us with a little better. I like the idea, though it was just easier I thought, to scale them up in power. We will see how this turns out. Last, but not least, is the wardrobe system. I am not sure if it is character based or account based. I really would like to know! I am so excited to see EQ2 finally get this system, I just wish it included tinting or dying armor. I am happy enough to see it finally implemented! All in all I am conent with the announcements and what we have seen so far. The art team has done a wonderful job on the art assets and models, it is just beautiful! The whole team seems to really have done an impressive job at creating a really cool expansion! Thumbs up to this expansion :)

In EQ2 Nights of The Dead hits servers tomorrow, live at midnight PST if you're on at that time. Some new additions have been added, as always. Great stuff. I tested things out on the test server a bit and it looks to be the same old we love with some new cool stuff to work on and collect. I can't wait!

A new petamorph wand of a classic skeleton model, I have always wanted a skeleton illusion for pets! It reminds me of the old days in Everquest of just having a skeleton as a pet. Simple and cool at the same time!

Best way to complete this little game here in the quest Survive The Night. I have tried it numerous ways over the years and this seems to work best.  


  1. I think the EQ2 expansion looks fantastic although I guess we'll have to see if the implementation lives up to the publicity. I'm also not in favor of removing quest markers but I'm sure it's pandering to a very vocal body of hardcore invested players. As you say, external sources will quickly fill in the gaps so it doesn't really bother me.

    Other than that it looks great!

    1. It does, hope it is as fun as it sounds :)

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