Monday, October 3, 2016

My Time

WoW's legion launch has come and gone and I already cancelled when it was time to renew my account. This month just playing some different things, checking out some stuff I've been away from for awhile.

I think the expansion was really one of the best we've had with WoW. There were so many great things, I especially love the world quests. I had a lot of fun leveling my lock to 110, for the most part. I would like to have leveled alts but I just don't think this expansion is very alt friendly, I think there is too much gating with way too many things. Too much emphases on what Blizzard thinks you should be doing, while giving the illusion of having so much choice. Too much in terms of class changes, complete reworks and all that jazz. I don't know if I will return anytime soon. I just cannot stomach the idea of queuing up again for all the orderhall stuff and beyond on another character. My 100's look so sad just sitting there. The way I see it is: I pay to play, I don't get paid to play what feels like a chore. It was fun, I just wish there was more freedom and choice.

Choice I suppose would be why I ended up dabbling in Rift again and still continue to mess about in EQ2. There are many things to do as you level, no real set in stone objective you need to do. Sometimes I like to work on crafting, decorate a house/dimension, farm materials or just go do some dungeons. I have the choice, not feeling as I have to do this and that before I can move on. In Rift I really enjoy the events going on, always something to jump into, or an instant/intrepid adventure to join. Lots of stuff without all the headache or queues.

I even poked back into SWTOR getting my Jedi to 61. I like the casual aspect of this game too. Allowing me to solo or duo easily. It is always a nice world to go back to, love the scenery and story. I plan on catching up in the story and going through all the end game stuff at a nice leisurely pace. I am looking forward to the story aspect.

I guess in the end, I had my days of raiding and random instance groups. Raiding and instanced groups are OLD to me, I am so tired of them. I started messing around with raiding in 2000, that is 16 years ago. I have been running dungeons in WoW for well over a decade. It isn't the same anymore. Gone are the days of running pug dungeons until I turned blue in the face, not my idea of fun anymore. For now I want to be able to do small groups with friends and family, to be able to solo when I want to, without feeling penalized. I want the option to be able to join in with friends. I am not an RPG person but an MMORPG person, I like to help people, to make friends. I want to adventure, not wait in stuffy queues, to craft and create, to join in when I feel like it and take off when I've had my fill. I am glad we do have options out there, games that offer plenty for all our likes. It is, after all, my time and I should enjoy how I spend it, and you should too :)


  1. Thoroughly agree with the sentiments of this post - I find the dungeon requirements of Legion to be abnoxious, not because I never want to run dungeons but because it really messes up the stuff I'd want to do solo when we don't have enough friends on to play group-content. I'm happy playing my characters at the moment but know that as soon as one or two inevitably drop out of the game again it'll be hard to get anything done without the dreaded group finder, and I'm not interested in that kind of grouping at all.

    Other MMORPGs/devs get this so much better than WoW/Blizzard have for the last two expansions...

    1. Yep, I totally agree that other devs get it and Blizz just doesn't seem to. Maybe they don't care and they think this formula is what they see best for players, as we see with flying. We get it when they see fit. After the great invasions it is back to the same ol' same ol. But even EverQuest has even changed to accommodate players, giving it a really long life, still popping out expansions at 17.

  2. it'll be hard to get anything done without the dreaded group finder, and I'm not interested in that kind of grouping at all.

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