Friday, August 19, 2016

Something Old, Something New, Seven Years Later

I think one of my favorite things about this blog, why I still blog, is that I always have things to look back on. Rarely do I go back to read an old post but often I look back at the pictures. Google search for images of games often pops up a lot of my own and it is always nice to think back on those images and then I may go read the post to think back on. Seeing when Dire, my son, my brothers or old friends were in the shots. It never fails to make me smile, sometimes it is sad as well, not playing with them in these games we used to play together all the time. I started this blog back in 2009, around this time of the year. So this will mark seven years for me blogging here. I am not nearly as dedicated as I was in the early years, each year I seem to get worse and worse about a schedule. But it is something special to me, something I am proud to have stuck with. So, thank you for reading, I do it for me, but also to share the games I play, thoughts and pictures with readers. I'm still here, saving massive amounts of screenshots to post, heh. Sometimes I have so many words in my head it is exasperating to try to get them all out. These posts are often just easier and faster for me to make sure to get a post up with.

My post today is just sharing some things I have been playing around with this month. Of course my new Demon Hunter in WoW. Still deciding if I will main her or my Warlock. I am torn on the two and probably will level both. Look it's Pepe on my head! New costumes out in the world to find for him, so when you click on him in your garrison (yes... I did get a max level one on the DH already...) he will randomly wear costumes. 

Something old, something new... Dalaran for this week's chapter in the Legion pre-launch event in WoW. Dalaran now sparkles... If you angle the camera just right. 

Dalaran has been moved by the Kirin Tor. I liked that, it just felt pretty neat to see this city show up again in the timeline, the moving castle in the sky. They had a few problems... as you can see.

Updated and beautiful.

New pictures hang on the walls. I love all these little touches and spent waaaaay too much time checking the place out.

The questline will send you here via portal, this is a new version which is now located above Karazhan.

Floating isles.

I don't recall this being in the older version, I could be wrong. A little cemetery for pets.

You better not have lost any of my belongings!

A brief visit to Ulduar. 

More Ulduar with Khadgar.

To Kara, was funny to see so many people outside.

I'm helping!

Demons invade Dalaran as well, no true invasion going on though.

Back to MoP, the Isle, waiting on Hulon to show up.

Another shot of Dalaran.

A little fishing shack outside Dalaran on one of the floating isles. 

In a tower, overlooking the city.

Wildstar! My son and I still play sometimes, him more than I. I do love popping back in. Housing- Tetris style! Lots of new things with the RETRO theme.

From above

A new sky available, pick it up from Madame Fay or on the auction house. A new cute little pet also, they come in blue and red and they make gross noises.

New wallpaper,

New fun things to decorate with, like this arcade machine.

More awesome wallpaper. 

New mount, I didn't get a good shot from the front.

I have also been dabbling with Dragon Nest. I have read, on the forums, that service is moving from Nexon to another company. I just decided to switch over to the SEA version since I am not that high in levels, I don't know how a transfer of service will go for the game and SEA seems to be doing well. That's what I will be working on this evening...

Mercenaries! I got me one... Now I gotta go get one again, lol. Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!


  1. Oh! Thanks for the heads up about Dragon Nest. Why didn't I hear that on MassivelyOP I wonder? Almost every day I hover the cursor over the icon on my desktop and then decide to play something else. I'll log in this weekend and see if there's anything about transfers. I already went through at least one, maybe two changes of ownership and re-started from scratch once so I'd prefer not to start yet again. First, though, I actually have to log in and play...

    1. I was going to put a comment on your blog if I didn't see you comment about it here, you are one of the only people I know who write about it. When you log in it will prompt you to transfer your account, I also read you will need that information when the transfer goes live and you make a new account with Eye...whatever they are called, lol. The publisher will actually be the makers of the game. I could not find a working English website for them, their Facebook link is broken. So I just decided to go with the SEA account, seems to be more populated, cash shop prices are just as bad though. But I only made it to ten with this new character so I figured it wouldn't be so bad for me in that case. Even thought I feel jaded about the prices in the game it is pretty fun, enjoying it so far. I never got far in the past maybe this time!

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