Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Death, Demon Hunters, And Invasions!

Demon Hunters and invasions galore! The latest patch for WoW has been quite interesting. It has been nice to log in with some new stuff this week. I always am quick to criticize something I do not like and I like to also give praise to the things I really do appreciate. I have to say the polish is something we have to come to love about Blizzard and there is no lack of it in this update.

Demon Hunters. They are fun, they are lovely, and they are impressive. I really am taking a liking to this class, while I am not the most melee oriented player in WoW these days, I have enjoyed the class a lot more than I have any other melee in quite awhile. The double jumping and gliding abilities add some nice flavor for the class, I hope they stay with the class. The starting area was not bad at all, people worked together to kill mobs, it was smooth and very cool. The DH also gets a class specific mount, which is snazzy. All and all I really like it.

The invasions have been a lot of fun, though there does seem to be a cool down before you can do more, once you have completed them all. I do like the rewards, getting some armor to help catch me up on the alts, good stuffs. It is exciting once again, the game feels alive and I am more so excited for the expansion. For now all I want to do is play my DH, I have a couple of weeks to gather gear on the alts if I wish to. I may just work on a couple.

Couple of handy links from Blizzard Watch to check out before you do the invasion stuff on all your characters!
Invasion Primer
Time sensitive toys/items to buy

I posted a clip, as not to spoil the DH experience for anyone that has yet to try one, but that cinematic is awesome. I loved it! Really nice art style and gives you a real feel for the class, more of an understanding. The whole thing was well done and I really am having fun. I still have a lot of stuff to putter around with on the DH, professions and all that jazz. They look so gorgeous in their transmogs! It has been hard to pick what to wear, for now I am sticking with the starter robe, it's nice.

There are other changes with this patch. Varian Wrynn is dead and Vol'jin is missing. I do feel bad about Wrynn but I remember that little blond boy standing in the throne room, so long ago, when Bolvar (I still miss him) was the leader. Prince Anduin, who is now King of Stormwind. So there is a bit of a silver lining, as he is a good character, one that has been with us for a very long time. He has history in the game and it has been cool to see the character grow within the span of the game's life, literally, heh. Still I liked Wrynn and was so surprised to run into the throne room to see his casket. *tears up* Poor Anduin!

I don't like the idea of Vol'jin being dead. I really like him, he is my favorite Horde character, he has spunk and smarts. I have mentioned him here in the past, he has been a favorite of mine for a long time and it would be very sad to see him gone for good. I hope not. Sylvanas is the new leader. I like her but she is crazy. I like her for that reason too though, so I cannot complain honestly. She also has history, the beloved Banshee Queen. It will be interesting to see her as leader, I can imagine it won't be forever. Did she have something to do with Vol'jin disappearing? You never know with her, she knows her limits I have always thought, but then she would do anything for her people. I guess we will see how it all plays out.

I am a longtime player of both sides so I have strong ties to both sides to the story of Azeroth. It is a nice perspective I think. To be able to love all the characters, or hate, because you know them from the story, playing alongside them in battles, scenarios and so on. Then there is the whole, Illidan is missing deal... I am interested to find out more!

That's it for today, I am very impressed, even if it took FOREVER, I can only imagine the expansion will be awesome to play through as well. Well done, Blizz! <3 nbsp="" p="">
Sharing pics from my travels!

Some new models make an appearance.

A flight path, a different looking bat mount!

I tried to run off behind him, down the mountain, but it ported me back, lol.  
The new king!

Invasions take place in outposts, where both factions can join in. I like this idea.

Tarren Mill, been awhile since I was here! Love the nostalgia. 

Invasion objective to clear out.

I can has wings, sometimes. You can use them over and over to glide around.

Get out mah grill.

Trying to take a picture of a boss while he jumps up in the air...

Wait for me!
That can't be good...

Some old faces joining in. This is a new feature.

<3 nbsp="" p="">

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