Friday, August 26, 2016

Ramping Up

Fishing with my little buddy. (Petamorph wand)

This week the invasions ramp up in WoW, and there is a new part of the story to do (kind of). Add in some updates from EQ2 such as the new level 95 heroic characters (get one free) and there is just so much to do right now! Oh, they are having a sort of invasion event in EQ2 as well, public quests are back!

Nice to see so many people doing these invasions.
In WoW it has been fun getting some more upgrades in gear, especially on characters I have taken a lot of breaks on. I have not been going crazy with invasions. I have enough level 100's, I think eight now? And two characters 90+, so I don't feel the need to burn out on the invasions. But I have seen many people leveling characters like crazy with the invasions, which is really cool. I just log on and do them if I feel like it, if not no big deal. They are quite fun, more so if you are not melee, lol. Ranged always has the advantage these days. But they do get boring after you have collected most of what you want or need. I do wish they had a few more rewards available. I am not going to complain, it has all been exciting and nice to see WoW so busy, it will all be gone in a few days as we move onto Legion. The memory will be a nice one in my book, they were done very well.

Fel Reaver has made a return to obliterate masses of players. They kill everyone, lol.

I picked up my priest as shadow, which has been so much fun. I love how the class feels more classic like it used to. I even found my mindflay, heh. I was complaining how it was gone, until I realized I had picked a talent that turned it into a nuke. That is what I get for not paying attention to talents. I kind of want to main this one in Legion, so many choices! I need to pick before Tuesday, ugh! I suppose the story will pick up from where we left off in this weeks part of the story, which seemed rather short?! I was wondering if I missed something. But I am told to go off and do more invasions, lol, when checking back with Khadgar.

The druid has been great too. I picked restoration because I'd like to have a healer at some point this expansion. There is a nice talent row, affinity, which lets you 'dps' for soloing or whatever, as more of a light version of feral, balance or tank spec. Love it! It was great fun in the invasions, doing some dps, throwing heals out and some heals on the ground for the melee to run to. I can even use Glyph of Stars to be a pretty sparkly druid instead of a Moonkin. It is a nice change and I can see myself playing the druid more because of this.

A little stowaway! Pepe!

The one thing that kind of bothers me about Legion is that there will only be artifact weapons. I like them as an idea, it is very interesting. But... You won't be using the main one when you swap specs and will have to level them each up. As someone who likes to swap specs a lot, I wish that it worked more like how Benediction/ Anathema worked, where you could cause the weapon to swap. That was so cool. But I suppose I will get over it and not really worry about it for now. I am looking forward to Legion, I do hope it delivers. WoW really needs a boost to content and longevity rather badly in my opinion.

While I am excited for Legion, I am pretty engaged in EQ2 still. Even though I was feeling bummed with my channeler, I now have more options to play with. Until September 6th DBG is giving away free level 95 heroic characters, more info here. Very kind of them to pass them out to us for free, love it DBG! Loving you guys more and more lately. AoM has been given free to everyone as well!

On my main account I went with a Defiler, another healer, heh. I have always wanted one but never got around to leveling one very high. I love her so far! On my other, um, four accounts I picked a necro, mage and a fury. I will probably not play with these for a long time but I was glad to get them. On the last one I picked a berserker for Dire to play with me, it has ten year rewards so I figure he'd love to play on that one, with all the unlocks on it already, such as mercs. And he has shown interest and plans to play EQ2 tonight after work. I think my jaw hit the floor when he mentioned it to me. Sometimes I see him watching me play, I know he misses playing a real MMO, Diablo 3 can't always crush that craving. Plus, I miss playing something with him. I just couldn't do the Diablo thing again, I did try though.

Eventually someone came to help after chipping away at this guy for maybe two years or so....

There is a new fabled zone, which I have no intention of venturing in, at least not anytime soon. My defiler is almost 96 but I have also been working on gathering quests mostly today. There are some new public quests out now, I like them but they take quite a bit of time to kill for the rewards. You need a lot of tokens for the items! Maybe Dire and I can tackle them down together this weekend. They seem to reward decent xp and a nice chunk of status along with it. They show up on the default map as blue colored circles with a sword or icon on them.

I also ran into a guide/gm event today. It was charming, as it always is. To have this type of stuff in the EQ games, 16 years later of my playing SOE -now- DBG games, just awesome. I was the first one there and it was pretty funny having a little role-play type banter with the quest giver, that really made me smile! The memory of the event will outlive the memory of the item. It makes the world feel unique to come across them.

Woo, a guide event! 

I will be playing EQ2 alongside Legion, especially if Dire starts playing, then I will probably be on EQ2 more than WoW. I hope he does like it again, so much has changed and there is so much content for us! It is good to have too much to do, when it comes to games, many options are great. It surely is better than not enough!

It may not be that pretty... But this mount breaks the speed limit... lol. 

Oh! And before I forget, I do share lots of giveaways I find on G+, FB and Twitter, but this one is really great so sharing on here too- is giving away two codes for mounts in Wildstar! They are nifty. One must be bugged, the Grinder, it is so fast! Faster than it should be. Anyhow there are a little over 600 codes left now, you can grab one here!

Have a great weekend! Safe adventures!

Lots of people still making characters well into the evening!

Isn't he adorable :)

I love these new zones, they are so, so, so pretty!

Visiting some old zones.

Isle of Maura, one of my favorite zones still. I wish we had a whole expansion that looked like this area.

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