Monday, August 29, 2016


The countdown to Legion is on, only a few hours left! I will be logging in, hopefully logged in so when it rolls over I will be ready to go. Being on a late schedule doesn't hurt, heh. I did not get everything done that I wanted to but I'm fine about that. I didn't want to burn myself out over the past week so I only logged in briefly a few times to do invasions. I have all the sets for mogging, several bat pets and I don't think there is anything else I need or want.

Now it is just down to who I want to level first. I am probably going to go with the warlock. The demon hunter and priest come in a close second so I will be thinking on it until the time comes. This evening I plan on cleaning out my bags so I am ready to go with tons of room.

Another thing that I have been considering is the artifact weapons. I don't want to pick a class/spec with a crummy looking one, like shadow priest or demo lock. Those, in my opinion, look pretty weak compared to some of the others. Call me shallow, but it is a huge part of this expansion, artifact weapons, and I don't plan on spending all my time maxing them all out. I would like to work on one per character, for now that is the plan. The Affliction lock is fun, solid for the most part and gets a killer looking staff. I do want to go with a class I really enjoy and a spec I feel comfortable with, so the aff/lock seems the best bet.

In Norrath, Dire tried EQ2 on the boosted 95 character. I think the whole boosted character deal was too much for him to absorb at once. I asked him to get a feel on a fresh character then come back but he had his heart set on getting back to the game at a higher level. His other character still sits at 92, so this isn't a huge jump. Except... He has been gone for quite some time, over a year maybe even close to two.

I think for boosted characters sometimes a tutorial is handy. WoW did this awhile back, kind of. You get your spells and abilities in small bites and this can help people understand what is going on better. In what should probably be an easy and relaxed setting is best I think. But in this case the mobs were tightly packed, aggroing him and his merc was running all over killing things and not healing him. I think it was way too much for him to take in at once. Which was sad for me. I was trying to talk to him to tell him how to play, keep him healed and look up quests on the wiki. It was just messy. For me it is easy, I am like a fish in water in EQ2, I have played it for years and years. I do know that in some games getting a boost, where I was in unfamiliar areas, it was overwhelming. So I can see it. I do push forward, I love a new game feeling, learning, exploring, that is the most exciting feeling. But it isn't everyone's cup of tea, definitely not Dire's. Maybe he will give it another chance, I don't know. For now it seems off the table. He hated all the buttons, where I absolutely LOVE having so many abilities. The UI isn't set up with a fresh boosted character in mind, I logged in before hand and set it all up for him, making it easier, but I think it was still too much. Maybe the five button rotation of WoW would suit him better, he just doesn't seem to know it yet.

I also ran into an old bug in the main chain for Cobalt Scar, which will not let me progress though the area. I wanted to get my level 94 paladin through there, but it seems bugged again. Thinking it was me I checked the forums and Google, I also ran two characters through it. It seems an issue that has popped up and has been patched but for some reason it is plaguing me still. Support told me to ask on the forums what to do, as they don't give out spoilers or quest hints. I reported a bug. A BUG. If anything makes me want to scream it is incompetent support blowing off tickets. This makes a game look broken, neglected. But I have to say the support makes it look even worse. After I painstakingly explained what exactly was the problem with a bug is and how it needed developer assistance, asking for it to be passed onto someone who could look into it, I was also told:

I would also suggest that you submit your feedback to the forums for a chance to get your voice heard. Our developers often read and post there and it is possible with strong enough feedback from the player-base that they may respond in a post of their own or through actual changes to the game

With a link to the general forums. Sigh... How about I also 'tweet' it and share it on Facebook with a side of G+ because, you know,  simply putting in a petition / ticket is too old school.

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Anyhow, tonight I'll be playing Legion. Hope those who do also have a blast! Safe adventures!


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