Thursday, September 1, 2016


Legion is here finally! It has been nice to delve in and take part on all these new adventures. I have only been working on one character, though I have seen friends getting a start on all their character's artifact weapons. For me it has been most fun just taking things slow, enjoying the newness and taking everything in. The newness will wear off soon enough so I will enjoy it as long as I can!

I decided to go with the warlock, it just seemed solid enough as affliction spec, strong enough to solo named easily and in the dungeons it is pretty laid back for the most part. I think it has been a good choice thus far. I have hit level 104 and ended up getting all three artifacts since the quests were there. I liked the quests and thought they were well done and fun so I figured I may as well get them all. I ended up going with one then swapping out around 103, from affliction to destruction.

I do like the artifact weapons and quests associated with them. It has a fun feeling like working on epic weapons in the EverQuest games, but so far on a small and relaxing scale. I already have some alternate looks for my artifacts, colors to be exact, I can't wait to get more. The class order halls are interesting but a bit busy, so many people standing on top of things kind of irritate me when I can't see the NPC I need. The missions seem a bit more interesting and we also get a combat follower pretty quickly. My orc warlock follows me all over the new areas and is a welcome addition. I really like the implementation of these versus the previous need for a specific building from garrisons. As far as the order halls go, the warlock go down to the Dalaran sewers to enter a portal. I like it well enough, but I hear others are very spectacular, so it will be nice to see them eventually on alts.

The questing is familiar but interesting to do in fresh new zones. Really good to get out there and explore, finding chests all over the world, most have something to work on artifact power. I have an add on that apparently shows them, was a nice surprise to see that because some of these I would have never found on my own. Things seem to have more hit-points, on the forums I have seen people mentioning it was harder all around. As a warlock and all the self healing I have not had much issue at all.

The world is very stunning, WoW to me has such a sweet look about it, like walking into a fairy tale, a favorite storybook. Being in Dalaran again isn't a bad thing, but the music there really grates on my nerves after hearing it for so many years, lol. The update to the city gives it a fresh look. I really like to lore with it, how awesome is it to see a well known city traveling and moving. I got a huge kick out of that.

For now it is questing and moving around to progress through zones.  I can say it is solid at this point, I like it a lot, it is surely better than what I have been doing for the past six months. I don't know how end game will be, I hope it is entertaining with plenty of casual stuff to do. There are people everywhere, but that is hugely due to CRZ (cross realm zones), and while I know there are tons playing, it makes certain areas a bit congested feeling through these quests. The launch has been really smooth. I did have an error earlier today, but that was fixed by deleting the cache folder. We have had some DDOS attacks but nothing seemed to last very long and the game was still up for me. But I seem to catch the tail end of these things.

That sums it up for me, I still have a lot more to look into before I can fully evaluate this expansion. Hopeully not that much longer to 110 on my first character, not rushing it though! Leaving some beautiful shots I took along the way thus far.


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