Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Eye Candy: Shameless Selfie Edition

Capturing shots as I travel across various worlds ;) Starting off with a shameless WoW selfie... I cannot wait for the Legion pre-patch to hit... Cosmetic rewards! That and I am down to like five bag slots on most of my characters. It cannot come soon enough. I am guessing around July 19th, from reading up. Let's hope it is that close. 

Decorating in Aura Kingdom, love the housing feature but I am quite slow at working on it as you need to craft to level housing up.

Questing.... That's a lot of bad guys there.

Temple of the Eidolons. 

New warlock Infernal pet model coming in the patch. My son and I jumped onto the PTR to check things out. It seems to go down a lot, I don't know what is going on with it, a heavy load on the server or what. But it was very cool to check things out with my copied characters.

Another warlock pet model updated- Doomguard. The DK gets a fatty abomination too, I got kicked before I  got a shot, I need to post one soon.

Stormwind has been cleaned up! We get a new version of the park. It is pretty, just feels much different than the older version that was destroyed.

Another look, with the view panned out.

Staying cool in Wildstar! Yep, a mount! He is Puuuurfect ;)

Probably my favorite mount in Wildstar. 

That water looks so inviting in this hot weather.

Recently I shared a link on Twitter/G+/FB  where I found a boost for a level 40 character for Rift. I claimed one myself, boosting my baby warrior. One of these days I'll get around to playing it more. Love the new pet they get!

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