Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lego Worlds!

Sharing some shots of Lego Worlds today. Very cool little game, especially with multiplayer via Steam. Last time I played it had many issues with the multiplayer aspect, but hopefully that will get cleaned up soon. Lots of fun and a very cool looking world. If you want to check it out, you can find it on Steam, looks as if it is 30% off with the summer sale too.

There are lots of models to collect, money seems decently easy to gain, as you will need it in order to unlock things. The world is pretty and movement is decent.Zombie Cheerleader model here I grabbed, the skeleton you can also unlock. 

Many different biomes with plenty of cute creatures. Image is bugged with cheerleader hair showing up on gingerbread man costume, lol. 

I can has dragons! The dragon is one of the most expensive things to unlock, but it isn't really that bad just bopping around I unlocked it quite easily collecting coins. They do fly, which is awesome. They will attack you too, so watch out! One of the rather annoying things about the game, you spawn something to use as a mount and it tries to eat/kill you.... I'd also like hotkeys to summon these beasts on the fly, they tend to run off when you dismount. 

My son and I attempting multiplayer. Cars for everyone!

Isn't he cute! Different animals have different attacks or go different speeds, this camel was too cute. 

Vroooom! Some vehicles are better than others. This one was fun.

Probably one of my favorite beasts to ride around on, he's fast and climbs very well. 

Zombie looove lion...aww. The world is pretty and the lighting makes it look fantastic. If there is a way to hide the UI, I have not found it, currently I have to take screenshots with Steam.

I still have a lot to explore. You need to generate new worlds to visit different biomes, the worlds seem rather small and are not endless like Trove or nearly as big as Minecraft. So you will need to create lots of new ones to explore past the first one you create.

Hey little fellow! You can't really have a pet running around following you, but sometimes cats and squirrels tend to follow you and scamper away if you try to approach them. Still the world feels alive, more so than Landmark. You need the simulation of life on the surface of a world for it to feel alive to a player, to help create a sense of wonder.

Plenty of vehicles and animals to ride around, you will find them sitting haphazardly all over the world. You will even see the random npc hopping on them as well. 

Day and night cycles are lovely. I have yet to build anything, but I think there is a lot of room for customization, you unlock items as you travel around and discover them.

Boat in the distance, there are plenty of aquatic vehicles and animals. There is even a deep diver costume that allows you to breathe underwater. 

Much love for that lion. Just such cute little animations for each thing the player rides. You also need fun things like mounts or vehicles in these types of worlds, to me they give more fun to exploring- Using them and finding them.

Swamp biome. All in all it is a really fun game that is pretty decent for something to play around with. As a kid I would have flipped over a game like this, as an adult it is still pretty darn cool. So cheap on Steam currently, I even got an extra copy for my son simply for buying one, don't know if that deal is still current but it was a great deal. The game needs a bit more polish and some more work, but as it is, it seems to be shaping into a pretty awesome little game.


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