Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wildstar At 50

Finally at 50 getting to see places I have been reading about or hearing about. It is nice to finally see all the zones and progress through them. Even going back for things is cool too. I'm still having a lot of fun at 50, more so than I thought I would. 50 has been quite enjoyable thus far.

Leveling up, getting closer to 50 here.

One of the last few quests I remember doing towards 50. 

Checking out the zones.

My son hit 50 a couple of days after me! Yay! It is so nice to have someone to play with.

Thyad Fest was over the past weekend. This is a community run event with many cool things such as raffles, contests, laser tag (yep it is in the game) and mini golf (this is a mod by a player).  A really great job done too, it was all so great!

I got there late and missed the fashion contest... But I did win the first raffle with some awesome winter themed items that I missed out on last year. 

People all over for Thyad Fest.

Another player's fantastic monument!

A gorgeous player house.

Viewing room to laser tag arena. This was all built by players.

All of us there to watch, sitting to view the final arena from the audience. Loved this touch!

At the end everyone sat down to watch the winners be announced.

The winners. Very cute adventure, definitely something different for my son and I to do in an MMO!

I finally got that STRAIN costume! 

A big bad boss (20 Man) open world.

Another 20 man boss, this is in the latest zone for 50's Arcterra. The zone has events, bosses, hidden goodies to loot, daily quests and so on. It is a lot like the Timeless Isle in WoW 

Glitter Kitty hover board!

A fun housing toy. I loved the movie "Big" as a kid... So I just had to have this. Oh, and there's some of my winter decorations, very Christmas-y!


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