Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Play-log: June

There is a really nice Humble Bundle out with lots of cool stuff, including some goodies for several MMO games. There is some stuff for Wildstar too, which caught my attention. If you haven't checked it out you can find it here. Good stuff all around. Anyhow, onto what I've been finding interesting as of late.

Still playing Wildstar, not as much, but logging in daily or at least trying to. My son is still playing. He runs the veteran expeditions and makes oodles of money. I wish I had the perseverance to do so, but I get so burnt out on them. I prefer to run around the newest 50 zone, Arcterra, and kill bosses and get loot. The money is not as good and reputation is slow, but it is a lot of fun killing the raid bosses that spawn or just sometimes running with a zerg afterwards, slaughtering group mobs. My gear is pretty decent, so it isn't hard out there, you get some really great gear from that zone. Housing is still fun but I am a bit stumped and don't decorate as much, it is just sometimes hard to come up with ideas for those plots. Mine is so congested and full of stuff.

Oh and Happy Anniversary to Wildstar!! Two Years! There is the Starfall event for the anniversary, which is kind of lackluster, asking me to do things I don't care much to do, like groups and PvP. Most the stuff you want you can just buy from the auction house or buy keys from the cash shop if you really wanted, you don't get many keys from the event- AT. ALL. There is also another event for running expeditions  all levels can join in (if you are 50, do veterans expeditions only). You can gather parts for ships to build on your plot. There is a small chance to get a mount to drop and a pet. I think it is a very, very small chance, my son runs the hell out of those instances and has not seen one yet. All in all still enjoying the game and hope the Steam launch helps grow more of a player base, it is one of my favorite games.

I've dabbled in EQ2 some, working on my necromancer but sometimes I just get burnt out. Still a go to game, one I love to play but sometimes I just need some space or an event to come around to rejuvenate my interest. I guess swapping mains so much kind of burns you out sometimes. Having fun when I do play though. Still working on getting 100, slowly.

I also dabbled in Alganon Online. A cool little game with a classic feeling. It has a lot of bugs and the player base is very small. But it is still going! I made one of the new classes, this beast-master type class that wields a bow and 2h. The character models are pretty bad, but the game play is pretty decent. Good to see little games like this still going.

Landmark finally released! I logged in and wandered about to find myself some land. I always have to find an island, which I did. I have not done much otherwise, a little exploring and harvesting.  The game has crashed on me a lot, I think it has to do with building large structures and texturing them. So I will have to try to build something smaller. But yeah, crashes, annoying stuff.

The interface looks a bit nicer, especially the building interface. Combat seems a bit less annoying. The game has a muffled, or cloudy look, but it is still quite lovely to look at. I hope to see more things added on a regular basis, maybe things like Trove has. The game seriously needs mounts or something. I think you can make speed (SoW... Aka spirit of the wolf) potions. That's just not as cool as mounts. Even maybe some wings that give you a speed boost, I don't know, anything.

DBG had a DDOS attack the past two days so I wasn't about to even try to play any of their games. Hopefully those have let up. Overall I can see myself spending a lot of time in Landmark, it is a fun game with lots of exploring and potential. BTW-- No shots due to my screens not saving, yay.

Last but not least, I have been mostly playing Aura Kingdom. After playing so much Wildstar, it is so relaxing to play. Casual, classic feeling combat. It offers a lot of fluff. I am the Fluff Queen! Mounts are cute and whimsical. costumes are adorable, and it even has housing- once you hit 55. I am a smidgen away from 55, so hopefully I can show off some pictures of the housing soon.

The game has a pet system that enables everyone to have a 'pet'. There are cosmetic/small buff pets as well. The main pet/merc/companion system is the Eidolon system. Eidolons come in a variety of looks so there is something for everyone, there are some that dps, tanky ones, healing ones and so on. Some are harder than others to get, but the basic ones you get at 20 and 40 have been added to, so you now get a bigger selection with some really nice additions (Aelius is quite awesome, especially if he is upgraded to 3 stars). Most of them are quite decent even not upgraded, they are fine to quest with. I find it is a bit more costly to level up more than one, but I have two I just love-- Three actually but I am trying not to spread myself too thin.

The game is so casual and laid back I just find it so relaxing to play. There are daily quests which are fun too. And the game is so beautiful. I love the anime feel to the game, the world has a fairy-tale feeling to it which is nice also.

That's it for today, safe adventures and all that jazz!

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