Thursday, October 15, 2015

Eye Candy!

Ding 20! Engineer seems to be the class for me. The game is a lot more fun when you really mesh well with a class.

Anyhow, some pretty pictures of my adventures the last couple of weeks! Always something interesting to do these days, can't wait for Halloween to hit WoW and WILDSTAR!! Soon...

Questing and gathering costumes and cool clothing as I go :)

My house! I wish I didn't spend so much on my alt's house... I need to level to make more money. If only the servers would quit going down when I log in at night...

My bots and me!

Slowly decorating my plot, it has a gloomy look but is easy on my eyes.
One of my hover boards, LOVE these things!

Our lovely city, it looks like a dumpster. I do miss the opposing side's city. 

Trove had x3 adventure chests for the last couple of weeks. I finally got my budgie mount!! LOVE it!

Wings are awesome. Wings + Jump= Almost flying, ha!

Pretty cool having my own ship in Trove, makes me miss Vanguard SoH soooo much < / 3


Trove makes me feel like a kid at heart, all the possibilities, the building, the toys, the fun stuff. It's so refreshing.

Panda mount! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

A small dragon which I am trying to grow into a full sized one, he's so cute. Love him too!

I've tweeted a few places handing out codes for these squirrel mounts. I was so happy to get one! I think atm still has some, yesterday they still had over 4k keys left. I got mine from MMOHuts, thanks guys!

Dire creeping up on me. I see you in my selfie!

Doing some timewalking dungeons last time it hit. 

My that's a large collection of bodies you have there!

Playing around on an alt in Brill, sometimes it is fun to play around in the old zones.

Finally leveling my monk to 100. I need another 100 like I need another hole in the head.

Fluffy, sparkle cloud. 

A lovely unset in Norrath.

Working on my eleven year vet house/isle (Isle of Refuge!). 

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