Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sour Grapes

My llittlel soldier and I. 

Later today flying will hit WoW in the latest expansion. A bit late but better than never, right? I won't have it unlocked tomorrow, or perhaps this week, maybe next week. You see, I was leveling alts, working on my other characters and now I have four sitting at 100-- and thus I had to pick which I wanted to get the achievement on... Or rather which had completed more daily quests for the reputation. I'm the type of player who likes to hop around and play them all on different days, which means this whole achievement really isn't aimed for my style of play. I could say I didn't really know it was that close, but I did, I just didn't care that much, honestly.

I'm really soured that flying was locked behind an achievement this time around. I paid my dues, back in the day, scraping and selling and borrowing and paying back for my flying and epic flying. And now... now I can't just buy it, I have to jump through hoops that don't always agree with my mindset. And you can say I am lazy, or not focused, or I need to work harder. My reply would be that it is a game, which I play for enjoyment, not a job which I pay to work. I'm really annoyed, not at myself, but at the fact I have to check off a list for something so functional. I mostly like to find rares, go after crafting mats and do daily quests on whichever character I feel like playing that day. So, I won't be riding off into the big blue yonder of Draenor tomorrow. I'll be grinding my rep and looking at that achievement list, checking it twice.

Dire has all but one tiny thing done and it is a matter of an objective popping up and he's all done. He's the type of player that does the daily quests with ALL of his characters every day. He loves to have a list to check off and he is the perfect little player. I admire him for the focus he has, I am all over the place and I don't care as deeply about checklists and doing everything perfectly. I'm more chaotic and fly by the seat of my pants in my playstyle. Need a healer to help with your daily quests? I'll swap out! He is the reason I subbed back again, if he wasn't subbed I would be cancelling my account. With the next expansion I have already planned on only playing one character (besides trying the new class), and sticking with that and only that through the xpac, it's just too much work to try to catch up with multiple characters. That and the fact that I have spent so much on garrison upgrades!!

Since I'm already on a sour note.... I may as well go ahead and note my dislike for what Guild Wars 2 has on the table for the HoT expansion. New stuff for classes, sounds cool... But it isn't really exciting. Raids? I play GW2 to get away from that stuff. I already hate the dungeons and fractals, now raids? I didn't mind them in the first guild wars, well the ten man groups. But the community was cooler there. I also play a Necro as my one and only 80, I don't hop characters here... oh no. But yea, nobody wants a necro for groups. Now raids?

Besides all that, the living world, that is what drew me to Guild Wars 2. Open battles outside with tons of people all working together, without feeling restrained or stressed out. I really don't know what direction the game will head in. IMO it will be doing the backstroke. Raids just seem to go so against what makes this game fun.

Hopefully there will be more open world events... in those four extra zones being added. Somehow I feel very wary. But, hey, they had angel wings in the cash shop this week. That's awesome, right?! Now I can look awesome even if I am standing outside in the world all alone. Oh, and if you haven't checked your mail in-game lately, you should have a spiffy costume waiting on you~

I'm so shiny!

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