Friday, September 11, 2015

The Sixth Year Issue!

Happy 6 year anniversary to Champions and.. The Blog! Oh... and to my character there pictured!

Fixing to format my machine, so I figured I better get a post out and save some screenshots on the blog here before doing so. Been sidetracked a bit lately, getting a replacement phone twice within the span of a month, always keeps me busy trying to get everything just so. It can take me days and days, lol. And my grandmother, who's 92, was briefly in ICU, but she's better now. Now I just need to get this machine wiped clean, I download so many games it just gets bogged down after awhile.

So with all that out of the way, the blog seems to have hit the six year mark last month at the end of August. Hard to believe sometimes, while I am not as avid at posting these days I still do love to write when I am in the mood. I still love to share screenshots and share my thoughts on each journey throughout these wonderful worlds in the games I play! SO, here's to another few years for this ol' blog! I say that every year I think... Next year will be better!

So, for the fresh installation of games I'm going to start off with WoW, Champions Online, GW2, and later on when I feel like playing- EQ2. Possibly Wildstar. I may wait on reinstalling GW2 later on, they do have the event going on this weekend but I just felt too strapped for time to keep waiting around an hour between events to keep at it. There are things I really want but the event seems so short, or maybe it morphs into another stage? Not sure. Meh, I just realized I need to go ahead and download it so I can log in for my daily rewards! Really need those. Not playing GW2 as much as I was a couple of weeks ago. But I was happy to see an event hit, I just wish it did not have time constraints! Did I mention that!?

I got into Wildstar's F2P beta, yeah right before it rolls out. I did download the PTR to try it out but I may just let it slide, not sure. I want to revisit the game for sure when it converts to F2P. I hope they have really smoothed things out and made things a little less chaotic. It was really rough just questing IMO. I'm excited about playing again. I thought about subbing but I want to see it with the changes implemented. So yeah, I should really just try out the beta... Plus, I miss my bunny ear girl and her cute house!

Champions Online has been out for six years as well! It was one of the first few games I wrote about here. I remember going out and buying my copy! The event has a lot of presents dropping, which I managed to get some cosmetic items as well as a cool little robot pet. There are also gifts everyone gets, a free mount/wehicle, a Defender pet and some costume parts, two sets. Very worth it to log in and collect them. I have enjoyed playing again. The game has so much to offer with customizing characters. I just love to make costumes, I sometimes get compliments and that always tickles me. I have enjoyed questing as well, with a solid build the game is quite fun. The game even lets you change out the colors of spells, how they function. Does fire shoot from your palms, lasers from your eyes? Very cool stuff there. So, happy sixth anniversary Champions! A really great game I hope to see going for a long time!

I also puttered around with the other MMO I was playing about the same time, another which I purchased upon release, Aion. Which now my account is long gone as I did not tie my account to the new account system.... sigh. So I started over, it was cool and still very pretty. However it felt slightly more clunky than I remembered and not nearly as fresh on the eyes. Out of the two games Champions seems to have aged far better. But it wasn't bad, it still had a nice charm and way about it. It's still a pretty game with a nice visual appearance. I wanted to try out the fast track server, which was really neat, no PvP while leveling! I may revisit it when I get more time. I played a decent amount over the last few weeks on and off, I just run out of time sometimes!

I finally managed to unlock flying for the new expansion areas in WoW. I was slow and ended up getting it six days after it went live. Not too bad, I had a bunch of treasure hunting left to do, a few quest lines to finish up, many objectives to complete still and faction. I didn't like feeling forced to do certain content to get flying. I think the worst was treasure hunting, even with an addon. I thought it would be the easiest, it was terrible and it all felt like it was using up everything before I even got flying! Sort of like a gift offered begrudgingly to players. So I took that flying and put it to good use, I leveled my lock to 100. It was SO much faster with flying, it was pretty awesome.

The lock is the last one to 100 for me. With five level 100 characters and the garrisons to go with them, I have had my fill of things. I have a 91 monk and 91 Mage still.. I just don't think I have it in me to finish leveling them to 100 anytime soon, they also have little lowbie garrisons. My son even helped me with leveling and I still feel like it was too much, lol. I think seven 100's would probably be a bit crazy for even me. It really seems like WoW is my main game these days, huh? most other games I stick with one or swap out my main and let the other gather dust forever, never to really pick it back up. I suppose it is easier these days in WoW to pick up alts and catch them up. Maybe it's just me, maybe I like the combat more so than other games? There's just something that makes it so easy to get back in and just go.

Thanks for stopping by and reading over the last six years!




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