Friday, August 28, 2015

Eye Candy: GW2, WoW

Mr. Bigglesworth! Finally got this achievement pet, hadn't noticed I was so close or really kept tabs on it. Love his blue sparkle whiskers!

Finally a snowy zone I really like, Frostfire Ridge. 

Running around with the pack in GW2, love big scaled events in the open world, which is the biggest draw with GW2 for me. 

Big mean boss, hands coming out from ground. 

Always so hard to angle the camera right. Tons of people everywhere, a nice thing to see!

Onto more events, gathering up together. It's nice to feel a part of things even if I only have a few minutes to jump on.

Really big mean boss! 
Chaos! Such a big boss I couldn't get all of him in the picture. 

New wings!

I hope with the expansion for GW2 keeps to the core of the game which really has a niche at appealing to these events out in the world. I just love to run around and do these events.

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