Sunday, August 10, 2014

Eye Candy

Always something around the corner in Guild Wars 2.

Dire and I working on an escort quest, though he seems to be hiding in this shot.

Awww. Dire and I, picked him up a tonic to match my pink one.

Skill points!

Some lovely scenery.

Island of misfit toys perhaps?


View from a vista.

The hotter it gets outside, the more I seem to gravitate towards snowy zones when I'm inside, lol.


Action shot.

Epic chaos.

Running back from the dead... Notice all the people lined up on the hill to the right of my staff?


I wonder what she'll drop!

From afar. Really fun to see everyone participate in these events.

Fireworks from a box-o-fun to finish off the night. Thought that was cute. 

Nelf. Me. Heri.

They can't stay still for long!

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