Thursday, August 7, 2014

Eye Candy

Love the ambiance in GW2.

Metrica province.

Fun with my princess dolly illusion and waterbaloons.

I always seem to pose here for pictures, lol.

Five commanders in one area... Must be about time for the event.


Always nice to explore or just go around gathering materials in the woods. 

Farm ahead.

Checking out a vista.

Another vista.

Charr kiddies, they always say such funny things!

A secret little place I stumbled on exploring.

Such a lovely area to just explore though and take shots.

A Gardner and his 'secret' strawberry garden. 

This was the way in, hidden very well ;)

moving on to higher level areas, snow!

Nice change from the desert and the wooded areas. 

Heri showing off some plushies in his old house. 

Rainbows are awesome to add to your houses.

I love this mount, he's so huggable looking. 

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