Monday, August 18, 2014

Five Years!

Somewhere this month this blog turns five! Yay blog, and stuff! This blog has become a space where I like to share my gaming thoughts, it is a constant, something I really love having in my life. I never thought I'd last this long, I say that each year! Not everyone likes to talk about games. Sure I tell anyone who asks, that is who I am, I don't care who cares. It is nice to be able to come here and just say anything about games, share thoughts, ideas and so on, to people who like games too ;) I've been honored to make some really cool friends in the process and have some interesting discussions, and I thank everyone who continues to read my dribble. Thank you! Although I am not as avid with posting as I once was, I still enjoy writing here and don't see myself backing off anytime soon. Anyhow, on with today's post! Not going to drag out a post about the last five years, it's all collected here in the posts.

Anyhow! This month I'm letting a few things lapse as far as games go. Wildstar, I had the free thirty days but I am holding off on subscribing. Which I feel guilty for, since my brother fell in love with the game. It is a really cool game but if you don't enjoy a type of combat then it isn't going to last. Maybe it is just the sluggish pace of the game, I'm not sure which but it centers around both of those. I'll head back in a few months, maybe check in around Halloween if there is a cool event going on. Heri is nearing 50 and has a really amazing house/plot. He's so excited about hitting the cap. I find he levels through PvP mostly, I suppose that says something about the questing, as he was never all that into it on a regular basis. I'm excited for him to hit the cap, happy he found that comfy spot with an MMO again. I think WoW broke his heart (j/k).

WoW has just eight days of game time left. My son and I had a real good time but I think we'll let it lapse until the anniversary event rolls around, I want to run the Molten Core anniversary raid at least once, and get my molten corgi pet. I suppose I have had my fill of Pandaria for now. My poor cape will never get finished it seems. I think we'll be very excited to play once the xpac hits. We both have the xpac sitting there waiting. New and fresh content is really needed at this point!

Dire and I are still playing GW2 together. It is easy to jump into and get together, do some hearts with him, events, head out to the new area, Drytop, or just work on the daily. I don't much feel like playing an alt at the moment but I am thinking of what I want to work on next. I really enjoy the necro, though playing something different might be fun. Something that doesn't wear cloth preferably. Probably my Guardian or baby thief.

Dire has already hit 80. I tipped him off about crafting and showed him a fantastic site for power leveling them, thus getting him an amazing amount of levels (I love this site, it is so awesome, check it out if you need a good/fast guide). He had a week off and wanted to at least hit 50, I thought hitting 80 instead might be more fun. He's enjoying it a lot. Playing the warrior, fast kills, durability, a real well rounded character. We kitted him out in exotics and he's working on a few other things like a decent back item.

I do wonder if he thinks the game is a bit confusing and maybe even boring, in some ways. While I love the game, there is so much for me to do still, I think it might not be as obvious for him. He doesn't read up on games like I do, so he can't see as much depth as I. There are no mounts to collect, not a lot of titles, not much to collect other than gold. Maybe mini pets, or other in-game toys but there isn't even a hot-key or 'toy box' button integrated into the UI. My biggest concern is there isn't enough depth to keep him. He hasn't said anything but I wonder.

The dungeons being such a pain was a real letdown for him. We could do them with guild members but he just isn't up for a long drawn out instance or fractals, he won't even go there. I want to try to duo them, I know we can, I just don't think he's in for such a learning experience when that could be done elsewhere much easier. He thinks that a big portion of the game is missing because of this. I try to explain about world bosses and events but that requires lighting up the maps, still some work left to do on those. We're in an active guild which is a bonus, guild events are fun to run. I did my first one with them last night.

Those are just some concerns of mine, as far as him sticking to things. For now we're having a lot of fun. It it offers relaxing play and some beautiful scenery. Something great for us to play together without being a drag to get things going. My son is going to play as well, he's already started a guardian, which he loves. I just need to tweak out the settings for him as he had some issues getting them just so. That and get him off League of Legends (LoL)... Which I absolutely have no patience for. The older machine is a bit finicky with GW2 settings, it requires just the right tweaking, hopefully I'll get him playing with us soon.

On my own I have been puttering around with Neverwinter. A game I was pretty excited about in 2010. I even picked up a founders pack. Which I didn't put into good use really. I never even got high enough to use that nifty horse from the pack. With the latest content out a new class was added and I could not resist trying the scourge warlock. I am creeping up to level 30, excited about hitting the cap (60). I am going to go all the way this time. I really enjoy the game, the foundries are a very cool aspect. The idea of  endless content when you have player generated content. It is a bit cash shop heavy on some things, for now I am just playing and having fun I'll worry about those other things I need once I get there and get things sorted out.

The mounts in the game feel so fluid, they move really well and there are some absolutely gorgeous mounts.
This is a game by Cryptic, which I had forgotten. I love their Champions Online, however, I don't always feel it is very polished. Neverwinter is a far more polished and robust experience in my opinion (it just needs housing!). I still see things that remind me of Champions, here and there. The music especially, very similar. The world is pretty, the characters interesting, it has a good sticking feel, something you can sink you're 'teeth' into.

Thus far the scourge warlock is great. I love a good pet class. Combat has been fun, which is one of the few action games where I really love the play. That might be because I took the time to bind all my abilities to the mouse... I have like 16 buttons on it. A Naga mmouse that I bought for my son, but he isn't into all the buttons (/gasp) or the fact it has a cord, so we traded. I love it for Neverwinter. I imagine it could of been great for TESO too.

Sharing some shots, enjoy!


  1. Congrats on the blogging anniversary! :-)

    Always a pleasure to read and the screenshots are always a pleasure to view.
    Neverwinter has grabbed me for now, this is probably the longest I've felt fully engaged in a game for several years - my partner and I have been playing it as our main game together since last December.

    1. Thanks, Telwyn! I always enjoy reading about your adventures in Neverwinter :) You and Tipa are two that I follow who seem to play regularly and it has always kept me kind of interested reading about all the fun things to do. Do you find it a game that is decent even if you have gaps in levels or is it one better to stay within level ranges together? I don't even know if there is level scaling or not, for things like foundry groups.




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