Friday, March 7, 2014

The Destruction of Lion's Arch and Poking Along In Middle Earth...

Things are going well in LoTRO, we're still playing. I was starting to burn out running two characters, both so close to the 30 mark. I decided to drop the minstrel and just stick with the lore master as I enjoy the class far more. Since then I have leveled him to 32 and have enjoyed the newer, fresh areas much more. Dire is really diggin' it, he has passed me up in levels sitting at 36. I'm trying to catch up.

I had a bad experience with the online support trying to get my 500 turbine points for subscribing. All I can say is don't even try that route. Calling was a much better option. The issue was resolved within a few minutes, no waiting on the line, it was perfect. Props to the call center, the online support can... suck it, or something. Horrible, horrible. Which had me annoyed for a few days. By the time I had a chance to get around to checking on the game it was after hours so no calling for a few days. Soooo.... I waited several (eight days? four or five petitions?) days, I ended up having to call while out doing errands.

But, all is well. A very relaxing game, that is why I enjoy it. Great questing, lovely zones, a nice relaxing pace overall to the game. Plenty of room to explore, tons of fun clothing options for those more inclined to looking snazzy (which causes me to be constantly broke). I like the housing too, though I rarely use mine currently. I am sure I will once I get some items to decorate with and start needing more storage room.

I've also been dabbling with GW2. I wanted to check out the latest event. Which I have been enjoying a lot. It is also fun being back on my necro, who just hit the first birthday mark, sitting at 73 or so. Getting closer, lol! 80 is the current cap, so not much longer to go.

The destruction of Lion's Arch felt a bit weird at first, but I like the event well enough. I like running around with the zerg. Working with people at my own pace. I even got to do the scarlet fight once, but it bugged. I wasn't overly angry though, I did have fun and it all felt pretty epic. It is a great game to pop back in and out of.

My brothers are playing FFXIV and I've been thinking of starting over on their server, still not sure. My brother's non-gaming girlfriend has taken a real shine to the game, which is really neat. I'm still thinking on it. I have been for a couple of weeks, I'd be pretty far behind, but maybe I could catch up quickly, still thinking!

That's about all I've been up to. Dabbling in EQ2 here and there and Onverse a little, I just run out of time at the end of the day. Some of my new tattoos are selling in Second Life, but I need to make more. Which is nice because it is paying for my land there!

In other news my son turned 18 today! Happy Birthday to him <3 p="">
Safe adventures!

Checking out the destruction with my ranger.

Necro in LA.

Checking out the event reward area. 

Glowy, trying some new dye combos. 

Epix battle!

Following teh zerg!

One of the fights leading to scarlet.

Get out the way!

Scarlet fight, bugging.

So close... look at that timer.

My minstrel.

A weird dancing ogre thing.

Riding around the shire area.



I'd like to live around here, so nice!

Smoking a pipe... For a quest. 


  1. I really love the look of that horse, so cool. Boy that's a jolly ogre!

  2. Thank you, Jay! Haha, isn't it?

    What have you been up to lately?




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