Friday, February 28, 2014

EQ2 Radiant Wings

If you saw this in your email, it is legit, typos and all. There was a post on the forums concerned if it was in fact real or a phishing scam, due to the typos within in. Very pretty wings, I can't wait to get mine! ToV expansion wings, all purple and pretty :) Seems everyone who has the xpac will be getting these.

Enjoy your Tears of Veeshan expansion even more! On 2/28/13 you’ll get a brand new bonus item!
A $20 Value
A $20 Value
Thank you for puchasing EverQuest II’s 10th Expansion - Tears of Veeshan. To show our gratitude we're granting your account...
Radient Nightmare Flight Wings (Flying Mount)
Your item will be granted at
9‌:00 AM on 2/2‌8/14

"This was in fact a misspelling, but yes it is a legitimate email.

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