Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Anniversary's and Freebies- Happy 15th EQ!

Bhagpuss has a good post about spending time in virtual worlds, how we can get sucked into putting a lot of time them with building and such. Real good read, check it out if you haven't already. Lately I feel the same way, I just don't have the time to get sucked in.  I don't look at it as a waste of time, part of the reason I can't be bothered to play EQN landmark like I had wanted to is that I just don't have the time to spend on it, especially if it is going to be wiped (to a point). But, I still make time to play what I feel I can invest in. These days I am working hard on my jewelry business, I enjoy it immensely but it is also very time consuming. I am doing crochet and sculpting polymer jewelry. Today though is a day away from everything (besides cleaning my messy house... still getting around to finishing that).

So, what looks good enough to sink my time into? LoTRO, of course. It is really solid and fun still. However, today is pretty special for EverQuest, with the anniversary, 15 years! Happy Birthday EQ!!! What a milestone, many memories, many wonderful people across the years, and of course my dear husband whom I met in EverQuest, ten years ago, Jimboy. That was his name back then, today I refer to him as Dire.

This is heroes forge armor unlocked after paying* Incase anyone was wondering, you start in green colored armor.
Heroic characters have been added to EverQuest, much like those you will find in EQ2. For a limited time you're able to to claim them free (ahh free... they are 100% free but if you notice in the picture I have far more characters than a silver account will allow, requiring me to subscribe to unlock all eight eight in order to make another), level 85, full gear, 15k plat, a mount and so on... Oh, and a massive amount of AA points. Almost 5000, just under, though there are some of the essential basics spent when you log in so you really feel like you can jump in and go after checking to see what all you have. I am sitting here, writing as I go through all the goods, starting at the activated hotkey abilities, deciding which to hotbar where. It isn't hard though. Some might not like how they are spent already, then again I played in betas in the past and it is really not so great trying to spend all the points when you just want to get going and try things out. So, that part is out of the way, let's roll!

Also something to note, for additional heroic characters they are 35$, which seems, in my opinion, a far better price than what Blizzard or Turbine is charging for boosted characters. What I like about these is the fact that they come with a really solid footing. Decent gear (under raid gear for sure but decent, not the best but you should not need to stop to buy gear, go level and then focus on gear 90+ you don't need to stop to AA, you have a massive amount), mounts, money, really get you a feeling that you are ready to get rolling. You're not at the cap, still a ways to get used to the character. Most of these people that will stick with these characters are people who are invested in EverQuest. This game isn't really going to attract many 'newbs', it may snag some returning players, which is nice and give them a boost to get back into things and feel like they can catch up.

On my main account I went with a necromancer. It is odd that I don't have one on this account, though it is fairly a new account we made for the RaF benefits (which were grandfathered in). I have a couple 100's and another few in the 90's, for a newer account it has a lot to work with. This will be a lot of fun! Tonight we plan on playing the necros together, get a feeling for them again, have some fun and try not to die... I do that a lot these days. I am actually pretty excited, having a decent break from the game, jumping back in with a class I have loved for the last ten years. A great time too, with the anniversary events. Maybe I can even talk my son into playing too, so he can claim his and maybe we'll all play necros, lol. He's sat here with me going over all the perks, turns out he may go with a magician or rather boost his 50 up. You can boost a premade character. Careful though once you click that upgrade button it is final!

On another front, more free stuff, this time from Blizzard. Hearthstone has released and you can claim a free mount from it for WoW- The Hearthsteed. You must win three games, I think this is after you put your deck together because I am not seeing one yet, I need to play though all the beginning fights. Which it is a cool game but not my thing. I should just ask my boy to do it, he's much better at the card games than I am. I played through a bit, it is pretty neat. Would this cause me to play the game? No. For rewards, sure. If it were on the phone I'd play it more so. Something to sit down with and mess about with, but not on the computer because I already have too many other games, and again- it just isn't my scene. But it is a very polished and entertaining game.

Still chugging along to 80 on my necro in GW2, at a slow pace. Enjoying the game but just not having a ton of time to play, which really makes me appreciate having no sub fee. It is fun and easy to get in and out of, feel like I am enjoying myself and getting some things done. That is what makes it great for me. I really need to sit down and play my character to 80 once and for all. I am so close!

That's it for today, tons of screenshots to share, as always ;) Safe adventures!

Real life crafting. A sculpted baby dragon I sold last week. One of my favorites! 

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