Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Catching Up!

Necro and I on our stylish mounts. 

Real life can be thanked for the lack of posts recently. By the time I sit down and start to write I just have too much on my mind. Very annoying! But I'm about to kick some crap out of my way and get back to the business of living without unwanted stress. Mainly complications with our 'new' house and the owner/seller being a complete jackass and selling it from under us. If kaozz isn't happy... Nobody is. Someone is quickly finding out how true this is.

Anyhow! Mostly the past week was trying to work on mounts. I have been grinding the archaeology mount for quite awhile, the blue battle tank. Which I finally got!! I about fell out of my chair when I saw it pop up for the next solve. For those of you still trying, keep trying! Dire also helped me acquire the blue panther mount, which is sooo gorgeous. He has a yellow and that one is also quite stunning.

I was pretty close to the 100 mount achievement so I went to Skettis to grind out the Sha'tari Skyguard faction. Which did not take all that long with using the potions to see the undead birds, spawn the mini bosses and thus kill Terokk. Rinse and repeat, turn in dust for the potions and factions. Managed to nab an illusion item for my son while I was out there. I did daily quests once and ground out the rest. Not hard but a hell of a grind, best done at night to avoid other people. This gave me five more mounts. I went out to buy a blond yak, they are so darn cute, from Kun-lai Summit. Which require no faction, same as the expedition yak (which I am far too poor to afford). Which all bumped me to 100 mounts, granting me the achievement and the Blue Dragonhawk.

Dire was close to the achievement, after having a streak of awesomeness over the weekend. He obtained enough shards to pull down and kill the rare thundering serpent in the vale- Alani. He was grinding a LOT for these, he really has perseverance! I need to take some pics, it is gorgeous. He also acquired several faction mounts he was missing and the kite mount for maxing out all his Pandaria factions. He is quite the faction fanatic. I do not have the resolve he has, when it comes to daily quests. I wish I did, but I am horrible with them.

My son is still playing, mostly leveling his monk. I ran him through almost every Outland heroic last night, getting him as close to 70 as I could, today he hit 71. He really wants a monk at end game so I've been trying to help as I can. My brother is also leveling his newly made monk, closing in on 70 as well.

On the side I have been trying to play a little Vanguard but by the time I get around to it, it is already time for bed or something comes up. I did manage to pop in on my little paladin a tiny bit today but I got a bit frustrated that the heal we gained at level two has been moved to level 14 or so...sigh. After a few deaths I just ended up camping. Another day I will find an easier place to level, hoping to get some levels faster for that heal to be available.

That's it today.... Currently downloading another new game I keep reading about, that one with the terrible launch but great gameplay ;) More on that in the next post.

Bug mount!

Flying high on my dragonhawk.

Being silly with my son, who is encased in amber on the ledge, lol. 

Panther mount!

Looking out the window with Heri and Nelf, lol. 


  1. Those are some of the Best pics Ive seen!!! I will miss you. I don't want you to go...my heart hearts...:-(

  2. Some nice mounts you've got there. So you're downloading FFXIV then?

  3. <3 Janet

    Thank you Jay! Yeah, been puttering around. I probably wont be able to do much on my old hunk of junk, it doesn't do the game justice. But so far so fun :)




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