Friday, August 30, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV

Recently a buddy of mine was telling me all about the new Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which was still in the head start. I really hadn't been very interested but I found myself intrigued, especially the more I read about it around the web. It seemed very enticing, by the time release day hit I found myself picking up the digital download from Amazon. I did not plan on it at all, especially with how horrible I heard the log-in issues were. Ah, well, I'm just going to try it, if I get in, good! If not things will slow down soon, right?

I've had no problems getting in, granted I am on an EU server, not my first choice. But, hey, I can log in! The only queue I've had was maybe 15 people in it, which was less than a minute. So, me, I've not had to wait, but then again I didn't get in on a NA server. I'm getting to play, that is all that matters.

I enjoy the game so much I decided to pick up a new video card just to run it smoothly. I was having some hitching, and I'll be picking up a new processor soon. While I will be getting a new machine before the end of the year, I figure I might as well give this one a boost for when I pass it on to my son. The game is running much, much smoother- thankfully.

I haven't gotten past level eight, taking my time, getting lost... just soaking in the scenery. I am also playing it on the side, so just some general thoughts.

The game is really beautiful. The races offer some great choices, in my opinion, I really like them all. Beautiful hairstyles (my hair blows in the wind, lol), a bit of options on faces, not huge but there is a selection. The armor is fantastic! Some of it, right now at the lower levels, is kind of silly looking but some of it is very impressive on people whom are higher than I am. Last night Dire said my character looked like a scarecrow! But she was still cute. The world is lovely, it is a relaxing setting. The day and night cycles are striking as well.

Mechanics are pretty solid. I like the UI, it is smooth and easy to use. Controls are nice, familiar. It is not fast paced action (THANK YOU), you have to step out of red circles but that is about it for now. The combat feels pretty fluid and fun thus far.

Things I like about the game? Mounts, I have read they can fight along with you as well, *squee*! Multiclassing really seems it will give players a lot to work on and be able to fill many roles, as well as round out how they want to play. Quests seem decent. I like the FATE system, which is very similar to rifts in RIFT. I love events that pop up! Helping others with mobs, everyone gets xp for tagging a mob, or events, always a plus in my eyes. We get housing soon! Cannot wait for that, I've read in the first patch, I hope so. Lots of interesting classes! Really some fun stuff to work on.

What I don't like? I don't find mobs dropping anything. Very odd. I had to buy gear from NPCs, and I cannot figure out which I can and can't wear. Some it needs to be repaired by a weaver but I am not high enough to repair it... I don't quite get it yet. I blew too much money on things I cannot wear. The city I started in is freaking huge, too many levels to zone through. I get lost, lose direction of where I am running to, why I am even running there. I finally got tired of it and ran out of the city to complete quests there. Running back only to find some quests at the exit... So I'll explore those.

Overall the game does have direction but I sometimes feel lost, but it isn't bad. I have been craving something new to play, something with a different setting but more of an old school, familiar feel as well. This has been quite good so far. I really like this game, which is hard as everyone I play with is still busy in WoW, so I don't get to play it as much as I'd like.

I even saw someone on a unicorn mount, I was drooling! I googled it and you can read more about it here. I cannot wait to get one!! I am on the Cerberus (EU) server. Maybe I'll transfer off in the future, don't know yet. All I know is that servers are being worked on, for next week, we'll have to see how it goes and how transfers work. If you happen to pop into my server to play, send me a hello on Sable Six. Anyone else feel like doing a fist pump when you level, just because of the sound? Lol.

P.S.- Scroll lock hides the UI. Had to google that today, lol. 


  1. I'm playing that too! I'm on the Cactuar Server whenever I can beat the 1017 boss. Loads of fun

  2. Hehe, well I just hit my first major wall... Cannot access EU/NA servers... Guess I'll have to wait it out. Can't wait till things smooth out.

  3. The things you dislike are the same I disliked back in v1.0. Being a player run economy I either needed to pay or craft new gear. I never had enough money and I couldn't craft better gear so eventually I couldn't progress because I was getting facerolled by same level mobs. I really enjoyed the game up till that point, and the crafting was a confusing mess.

    But that was back in v1.0 not sure how it is now.

  4. I think a lot of it was user error... Since rerolling I've been paying more attention to what I am selecting, lol. I don't seem to nekked on my newest character. I already see so many people decked out in cool gear so I don't think it is quite so bad. I am a total newb to the game though, I never tried it before the relaunch.




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