Saturday, August 24, 2013

On The Side

On the side, lately, I've been playing a tiny bit of other stuff, besides WoW. Sometimes I just want a laid back game, which City of Steam is perfect to scratch this itch. Plus, I haven't had a chance to check out the new class or sample any of the new races.

The new channeler class is a lot of fun to play. I switched over to one, I was playing a gunner, but this is just so much more my style. I really like it a lot so far. I picked one of the new races, the fair skin elves, which are called Riven. It was a tough choice because all the races are interesting looking. While the customization isn't huge, I like the simpleness of the characters.

CoS is a game where I can replay levels without really getting bored, something different around each corner. Maps are often reused anyhow, so it isn't a huge deal. I am logging in here and there and it is a game I can always see myself going back to.

I like it so much I did want to support it. While the game's cash shop is a bit steep, you can put down a few bucks and pick up some bag slots and get a bonus claim with some goodies; like keys and a robot pet that picks up loot for you. I loooove that pet!

Great game to kick back and relax on, the unity engine is impressive and is fantastic for this browser game. The game is quaint but very lovely. If you haven't tried it out, this is one I really urge people to try, it is really worth it.

I'm also puttering around with Vanguard SoH on the side. Not as much as I would like to. never enough time! As always I miss it and go back, never getting close to the max level because I have a huge army of alts. This time I am puttering around with my paladin.

Vanguard is always great to go back to feel that 'old school' MMORPG feel. It is nice to go back and my classes don't change, I know why I like them, why I go back to them. They remain true and same. This is refreshing, especially after playing so many games where things are always changing.

As always it is easy to get lost in the scenery, having fun at my own pace on my own adventure. Not really rushing to levels but looking forward to what is ahead. I do hope to see more in store for endgame, hoping to one day get there! I am not planning to raid but some group content may be nice. For now, just adventuring is fine with me. There seems to be much in store, slowly but steadily, for the little game that could. I'm so happy to see Vanguard getting attention.

And... In the main aspect of things I've been playing, finally killed Deathwing, lol. I completely skipped any raiding in the last expansion so it was nice to go back with a group and down him. My son was with us so this was a very cool moment for him.

I'm excited about patch 5.4, the timeless isle sounds interesting. Just a few weeks to go, mainly working on archaeology (trying for the bug mount!!) and pet battles. Which is pretty entertaining and relaxing.

That's it for today, have a great weekend!

Deathwing's back, don't tip him!

The aspects.

Nice group pic here. 

Lovely dragons!

Fun with an illusion.

Archaeology fun, call me the scarab queen!


  1. City of Steam looks pretty good for a browser based game, might have to check that out.

  2. You should, it is pretty fun and low key!




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