Friday, December 7, 2012

Updates And More Updates! (Rift)

Trion continues to impress me more and more, the longer I play. When you don't play a game you might still hear about how a company does, or doesn't update a game and how much it adds new content on a regular basis. I've been gone awhile but I've heard how fantastic they were with content. While I'd sit in WoW for ages without new content, Rift was getting a lot of attention. I have more respect for a company that makes this a goal up front, instead of trying to keep up with newer games after many years of not caring about it, for fear of losing players. Better late than never I guess.

We've just had Storm Legion launch last month. We've also had many updates and fixes since then and next week, I'm guessing because holiday content is involved Dec 12 the website says now, we will get a new patch- Endless Eclipse! There will be a new raid, a new chronicle, and the holiday event. The holiday event will have instant adventures, so excited about that!

Earlier this week it was updated so that we no longer have to pay to train skills. Can I has my monies back please! Much needed change, if you ask me, they got quite expensive if you had more than one soul you wanted to keep up with. Some people are complaining on the forums, I think that's really silly. If you want to run to the skill trainer, run there and pretend or something. Don't ask that I have to keep handing that greedy guy my money, lol.

We also got a run speed increase yesterday, it is so nice. Pretty speedy and much appreciated. It isn't final if it will stay in the game but I really hope they stick with this. Also, prices on dimensions were dropped, the pricing to upgrade them was lowered as well, and the item count was boosted by 25%. Fantastic! I spent a small fortune on mine already but that's alright, now the other ones I want are cheaper. And the guild hall I want is half the price it was- 500p down from 1000. That is more reasonable to me.

(The guild is growing, we've gotten a few new members. Some cool people, exciting stuff. I'm so happy our little guild is starting to take off. Now we all just need to start doing guild dailies! Stellar on Faeblight if you need a laid back home!)

Lots of great changes, exciting content ahead, holiday stuffz too! More room in our dimensions and more access to them without worrying about putting too big of a hole in your wallet! Also there are some special holiday yule items this month, check them out here.

Hrmm.. What's this. Some dead guy with a battery and a journal? The quest was to get out of a hole I jumped into.

Second to last page in the journal.

Last page in the journal...

And this is where it led me. To the claws of Crucia!

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